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Real-Time Monitoring - QDM Quality Management System 

The QDM Platform gives you multiple ways to view your data in real-time. 

At the Plant Level, the most common methods are plant floor monitoring stations and dashboards that feed macro-level reports. What does that mean? 

Plant Level QDM SPC System

Here is an example Plant Deployment -

Sattelite Stations - At each of the machine stations, there is a monitor set up with a constantly updated visual report showing the current quality metrics for that station. This lets the operator know exactly what the level of quality is for the product they are making, and alerts them to any non-conformities, issues, or defects. 

Level 1 - The data from these stations is fed into the QDM Gateway, the central server of a QDM Platform, and from there is combined and pushed to plant manager, quality manager, and local professional dashboards and reports. This allows managers and quality teams to monitor the level of quality of all their machines and stations in the plant at the same time, giving visibility to the entire plant quality. 

Level 2 - The data from multiple plants are rolled up to program managers and supplier quality managers allowing them to see how all the plants feeding them parts are performing. With these dashboards, the program managers can see how each program, plant, and part is performing at a glance, and then drill down to see the specifics on any of the manufacturing lines. 

Level 3 - Corporate quality teams and executives are then fed all the program data to see how the entire organization is doing. They can see at a glance how each program is performing, each plant, and each region. With a few button clicks, they can drill down to a plant, a program, or even as far as a specific part, machine, shift, and operator. This gives a global view of the company's quality and keeps executives up to speed without having to rife through dozens of separate reports.  

All of this visibility is in real-time, keeping everyone in the organization up-to-speed on the quality they are responsible for, and alerting them to any trends or issues as they arise. 

You Can See Some Sample Set-Ups Below with DCS' Three QDM Deployments

Basic Deployment
Inspection Labs, Machine Shops, Small Businesses
Plant Deployment
Single Plant, Medium Manufacturers, Suppliers
Enterprise Deployment
Multiple Plants, Global Organizations