Five Tolerance Analysis Tools in One 

3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer (AAO) contains five tools for 3DCS Variation Analyst, expanding its capabilities. These include:

1. Advanced Analyzer

2. Critical Tolerance Identifier

3. Tolerance Optimizer 

4. Locator Sensitivity Analyzer

5. Simulation-Based Sensitivity




Why Use Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer?

3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on Module 

  • You have large models with a lot of measurements or tolerances
  • You want to know which part in the assembly is causing the most variation
  • You have non-linear relationships in your model
  • You want to optimize your tolerances quickly
  • You want to know which measurements should be measured in production
  • You want to check your locators or test different locating strategies
  • You want to do What If studies on different tolerances across the model 
Use matrices to view all of your information in a single table. Edit and test new configurations. Validate your locating strategies and determine optimal placement, all with one add-on module. 

Advanced Analyzer Matrix 

View Features From Across the Entire Model

The Advanced Analyzer Matrix gives you the ability to see all of your measurements or tolerances in a single matrix. You have the ability to change parameters and inputs, as well as change tolerances in the matrix to instantly see the resulting changes. 


  • Global View of Model
  • Customize for Outputs and Color Coding for Specific Criteria 
  • Make Changes and See Instant Results


Quality Optimizer

Reduce Costs By Increasing Non-Critical Tolerances 

The Optimizers determine which tolerances are critical, and which are non-critical, and then increase non-critical tolerances to reduce manufacturing costs. This is a great method of taking general tolerances across an entire model, and optimizing them to have tighter tolerances on key features while opening (increasing) tolerances are non-critical areas, all with the push of a button. Not sure you want to keep the new tolerances? AAO only updates your model when you select the Push to Model button and update your model.


  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Alter tolerances across the model reflecting critical features
  • Change the tolerances in your model only when you want to 

Critical Tolerance Identifier

Identify Tolerances Critical to Fit and Function

Use Monte Carlo simulation calculations to weigh the measures in the model to determine the percent contribution to the overall model. This determines your most critical measurements and tolerances, basically your largest contributors to variation across the entire model, instead of in relation to a specific measurement. 


  • Find greatest contributors to overall model variation
  • Use different statistics, Pp, Ppk, Cp, to determine the criteria
  • Take advantage of previous calculations; no need to run new simulations


Locator Sensitivity Analyzer

Test and validate your locators. Create different locating patterns and simulate to find the pattern that results in the least variation. Use color mapping to make quick determinations about the optimal locator locations. 


  • Validate your locators 
  • Test different locators to determine the best choice
  • Use color mapping to quickly make decisions

See all of your Tolerances and Measurements in one matrix.

Change and interact with all of your Tolerances and Measurements in one window.

Make determinations about Locators and validate your setup.

Add Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer to your 3DCS Software and improve your modeling performance. Create advanced analyses and validate your Locators. Use push button optimizers to save time. How does it work? Let one of DCS's experts show you.

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