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Services and Support

DCS provides a variety of services to support your quality initiatives


Have DCS engineers support your team by creating 3DCS models and providing them to your group.


Get assistance determining and optimizing your GD&T and measurement plans.


Get help for your modeling team on their current projects with DCS Solution. 


Get trained on the world's leading Tolerance Analysis software.


DCS' expert quality team can provide feedback on your quality processes, helping you automate and digitize your quality inspection.


DCS' ASME Certified trainers can provide your team the tools they need to utilize current GD&T methods to create and read drawings and models.

3DCS Modeling Services

  • Variation Simulation Modeling: Three-dimensional tolerance analysis aids in developing robust designs that minimize dimensional variation. When used for defining and managing products functional tolerancing and coordinating their measurement data, 3D tolerance analysis significantly reduces the rework required for engineering drawings, tools and gages.
  • Current production troubleshooting: Identifying specific contributors, either from the product or the process, and rank critical components tolerances contribution & impact on the total cumulative variation, enhancing product quality while lowering costs.


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GD&T Consulting

DCS' ASME Certified GD&T engineers provide valuable feedback on your GD&T and drawings. With help from DCS, you can optimize and validate your GD&T to improve Fit and Finish, while lowering costs and lead times. 

  • Validate GD&T: Have DCS experts review your drawings and GD&T Sheets to help determine if the drawings meet ASME standards. 
  • Optimize GD&T: Work with the DCS team to determine the optimal GD&T for your parts and assemblies considering the entire product and process.
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Project Support

Getting started with DCS software,

but need to go faster?

Let DCS support your team with on-site and remote training, model reviews, and modeling services to get your team ahead. 



  • 1-on-1 or group training
  • On-site or Remote (Web)
  • Support, Training, and Modeling Services
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Software Training


Our courses will fully prepare your employees to meet the challenges of Dimensional Engineering. Each offers real-world examples to make the material interesting, informative, and applicable to your own software environment.

We offer clients the opportunity to strengthen their skills and extend their knowledge in several fields. As a client of 3DCS, you’ll hear from experts in Engineering Statistics, ASME Certified Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), and 3DCS software solutions—the same training that makes our employees the best in the industry.

Basic Software Training
  • VA (40 Hours) - 3DCS Variation Analyst
  • VA (24 Hours) - 3DCS Variation Analyst
  • DVM - 3DCS Design Variation Modeler
Add-on Software Training
  • CM - Compliant Modeler FEA
  • MM - Mechanical Modeler
  • AAO - Advanced Analyzers and Optimizers
Additional Software Training or Custom Software Training
  • Mentoring
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Quality Process Consulting

Understanding and Automating Your Quality Processes

Quality is important. Getting real results and improvement from your quality processes is not easy, though. Collecting data and measurements is only the first step, as making actionable decisions from that data can take many hours of diving through large datasets, looking at huge spreadsheets and crunching statistics. 

  • Quality Consultations are done by certified Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Final report includes process improvements, quality system suggestions and automation techniques
  • Get a basic assessment free! Decide afterwards to use DCS or utilize your own internal quality people. 
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GD&T Training

Why Adopt GD&T at Your Company?

There are a number of reasons to adopt GD&T at your company:

Clarity and consistency in the design processGD&T provides a clear and concise method for defining a reference coordinate system on a component or assembly that can be used throughout manufacturing and inspection. This reduces misinterpretations and the need for costly engineering changes and rework that can result from a lack of clarity.

Dramatic time savingsBy using GD&T, engineers dramatically reduce their need for drawing notes to describe complex geometry requirements on components and assemblies.

Fit with accepted design-for-manufacturing methodsThe proper application of GD&T closely dovetails accepted and logical mechanical design processes and design-for-manufacturing considerations. For example, the allowable variations as defined through GD&T can be directly read, or “imported,” into 3-D tolerance analysis software such as 3DCS.

DCS offers starter and advanced courses in GD&T to get your team up-to-speed and applying GD&T concepts. 

GD&T Training
  • Basic GD&T (8 Hours)
  • Advanced GD&T (24 Hours)
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