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- Two Software Suites -

One Vision

DCS develops and distributes 3DCS Software for Tolerance Analysis and QDM for SPC Quality Data Management that together provides a connected Quality Intelligence Solution. 

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3DCS - Integrated Tolerance Analysis

DCS Software Solutions

DCS software solutions drive Model Based Enterprise by supporting Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) and Quality Management initiatives in industries including automotive, aerospace, medical device, high-tech electronics, and industrial machinery. DCS software solutions are leveraged daily by companies like Airbus, Boeing, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors, LG, Nissan, Philips Medical, Samsung, Tesla, and Volkswagen. By leveraging simulation early in the product lifecycle, and applying Statistical Process Control SPC during production, manufacturers are improving product quality while reducing costs. 


NEW QDMWEB QI - Quality Management System


WEBINAR SERIES  |   Part 3: Aug 29th

NEW QDMWEB QualityScan to Analyze, View, and Share Scanned Data

The QDMWEB QI Quality Platform is a new and innovative solution designed to improve the quality of your business operations. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it provides a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your quality management processes.


  • See how QDM can keep all of your team up to date on quality levels from the plant floor up to plant and quality managers
  • Find out how to watch plant quality in real-time, and then dive into alerts and issues to root cause production problems fast
  • Learn how to collect, standardize, and monitor supplier part quality

Part 1: April 25 - From the Control Messe Show Floor - Complete Quality with QDMWEB QI and Metrologic

Part 2: May 30 - NEW! QDMWEB QI - See 10 new features that streamline quality and give you unparalleled access to your data

Part 3: Aug 29 - QDMWEB QI QualityScam - Learn how QDMWEB QI analyzes, displays, and shares scanned data

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Find out about the latest news, webinars, articles, and events from the DCS Blog. 

Engineering Services

Let DCS help with your next project to finish ahead of schedule

Let DCS help you complete your Dimensional Engineering project. By providing 3DCS modeling services, DCS helps manufacturers get their analysis results quickly so that important decisions about quality and design can be made early in the product lifecycle. Adding to this the ability to provide GD&T training, consulting, and drafting as well as Dimensional Engineering Consulting and process support, DCS offers a complete package of Dimensional Engineering Services. 

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DCS Quality Solution

Closing the loop on quality by combining design and manufacturing

A closed-loop variation analysis process enables engineers to correlate the theoretical tolerance analysis results produced during simulation to the actual as-built results determined at other stages of the quality process.

DCS supports a closed loop by aligning the simulation power of 3DCS with the manufacturing visibility of QDM. Together, the Quality Intelligence system gives you the ability to support your entire PLM process. 

DCS Supports Dimensional Quality through PLM

Find Talent and Jump Start Your Career

DCS supports engineering placement for some of the biggest names in manufacturing

As a small business, DCS is able to provide each candidate the personal attention and consideration to find the best position for both talent and career goals. This allows you the opportunity to find the career you are looking for; not just another job. 

Whether you are looking to begin as a contract employee and transition to direct or find a direct-hire position, DCS offers a competitive benefits package including excellent medical, dental, vacation, and 401k plans. We are always looking for newly qualified engineers, so if you are looking for a career in engineering, let us help. 

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DCS prides itself on providing step-by-step support for new and existing clients to help their initiatives succeed

DCS provides multiple support channels:

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Why DCS?

Why should you use DCS software tools?

Support Model-Based Definition

3DCS and QDM support MBD and Model-Based Enterprise by optimizing designs and facilitating communication. 
Learn More →

Leading Tolerance Stack Up Simulation Software

3DCS is the world leader in tolerance analysis and stack-up simulation. See how 3DCS provides real insight into your design and manufacturing.
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Automate Quality Management

QDM SPC Software automates manual processes to keep your team up-to-date on their quality and provides the tools to resolve issues quickly.
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Integrated CAD Tools 

As an integrated 3D tolerance stack-up software, 3DCS opens as a new workbench in a familiar CAD environment, improving adoption, workflows, and efficiency. 
Learn More →

Finite Element Analysis - FEA - Simulate Flexible Parts

Incorporate Finite Element Analysis - FEA - into your tolerance stack to address flexible parts and materials, spring back, forces, thermal, and operations. 
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Real-Time Quality Inspection Displays and Dashboards

QDM monitors your quality in real-time using dashboards, plant floor displays, and automated alerts to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on current production quality.
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Simulate Patterns of Holes and Pins - Pattern Move

3DCS' unique assembly move - Pattern Move - allows users to simulate patterns of holes and pins to determine optimal settings. 
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Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

Use 3DCS to design your product to fit and function from the ground up, reducing scrap, non-conformance, and rework at final assembly. 
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Improve Supplier Quality Assurance 

Use QDM to connect your supply chain, providing clear measurement plans and giving secure access to your system to upload reports and data. 
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Optimize & Validate GD&T 

3DCS provides tools to optimize and validate your GD&T to drive downstream processes and support Model-Based Definition.
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Simulate Tooling and Manufacturing Processes

3DCS simulates tooling, fixtures, and manufacturing processes to determine their effect on your assembly. 
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Affordable SPC on Your Server or the Cloud 

QDM is built from modules easily customized to your processes and environment. This makes QDM inexpensive to set up, and easy to grow over time. Utilize the Cloud for even more affordable options. 
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Just a Few of Our Customers

DCS is proud to work with leading manufacturers from across the globe


































Advantages during the pre-production phase are root cause analysis - only recently we've actually really started using the software to root cause the problems. We've found that looking at the contributor lists, for example, really help us get to the root cause of the problems and propose solutions. 

Laurence Allmark,

Senior New Product Quality Engineer, McLaren Automotive

Successful tolerance analysis product execution played a major role in our achievement of high quality across our product vehicle line. The Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac CTS were all named Car/Truck of the Year winners.

General Motors

The 3DCS technology brought our commitment to product quality and safety by design to an even higher level. The tool not only can quantify our technical decisions but truly helps our IPD teams to numerically and visually discuss spatial dimensional variations and its management early in the design phase.

Daniel C. da Silva,

Embraer Tolerance Analysis Team Leader, Embraer

In a typical section of an A320 Family Aircraft, roughly 90 stringer couplings are installed. Around 2/3 can be covered with the parametric model (this equals 60...couplings.

In the A319, A320 there are 4 section joints, while the A321 has 6. One parametrical model can then cover 180 assembly situations

Axel Siewert,


By being able to do very comprehensive modeling, the other advantages we’ve seen is we’ve discovered sensitivities in areas we wouldn’t have expected you know well outside our region of interest that had influence, it’s also served as a quality check for our drafting process as well as allowing us to incorporate feedback from the manufacturing floor.  

Avery M.

Design Engineer

As CAD technology continues to advance to include greater levels of analysis, our open API strategy allows us to support the incorporation of tools like 3DCS software to keep up with the growing demands of customers. The partnership between Siemens and DCS will allow an integrated environment, giving NX users access to advanced analysis as part of the CAD environment.

Bob Haubrock,

Vice President, Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software

Case Studies

See how other manufacturers are reducing their time to market while improving their yield and efficiency.

Learn how ITER uses 3DCS

ITER - Energy

Tolerance Studies, Dimensional Engineering & Assembly Simulation on Fusion Energy Tokamak 

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Learn how Airbus uses 3DCS

Airbus - Aerospace

Using Catia Parameters to Build 3DCS Assembly Simulation Models

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Learn about JLR's use of 3DCS & QDM

Jaguar Land Rover - Automotive

Using 3DCS Variation Analyst and QDM SPC System for total quality control

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Learn about Phillips Medical's use of 3DCS

PHILIPS Medical - Medical Device

3DCS Tolerance Analysis: Magnet Design for Elekta MR-LINAC

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LG Choose 3DCS for Tolerance Analysis

LG - High-Tech Electronics

LG Chooses 3DCS Tolerance Analysis

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See Embraer's use of GD&T and 3DCS

Embraer - Aerospace

Working With Large Models - Black Box Methodology

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See a Mahindra & Mahindra Case Study

Mahindra - Automotive

Effects of Dimensional Variations of Suspension Components on Vehicle Dynamics

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