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Hella - Mercedes-Benz E-Class Headlamp

Use of 3DCS in Early Development Phase - Focus on Hella Tolerance Generator

Vladimir Till, Dimensional Engineer from Hella, demonstrated at the 2017 DCS Global Technology Conference how his team developed a tool with Visual Basic in Excel to automate the creation of tolerances using ISO Standards in early design phases. This was key to his team's designs, as they could then begin modeling and running simulations before they had received the part drawings and actual design tolerances.


Vladimir's team worked on a number of different advanced headlamp models, including the one for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class using 84 individual LED lights:



The tool developed by Valdimir and his team allows for push-button export of created points, and then with a few chosen options, the automatic creation of ISO Standard tolerances which can then be imported back into 3DCS. This saved his team many hours of manual inputs and reduced the chances for human error.


This highlights the versatility of 3DCS, as using methods like Excel Create, users can customize and connect 3DCS to meet their process and user needs, instead of having to change to fit 3DCS. This is a powerful benefit that is important to DCS, as no two companies do things exactly the same, and a one-size-fits all solution is not practical or realistic.

DCS sees this as the future of Process Capability Database as well. As the PCDB allows users to tie tolerances to a database that can be easily updated, these kinds of auto-create look up tables could be developed and put within the database to give engineers the ability to begin running analyses earlier in the design phase, and then quickly update their models once the designs become available. 


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