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Optimize Processes - Automate and Reduce Manual Processes

Reduce Manual Processes and Spreadsheets

Automate Quality Collection

The QDM Platform offers multiple methods of automating your data collection. With modules like Datagrabber to automatically grab the data files from your inspection devices to Data Entry Portal to make it easy for shop floor professionals to enter data directly into the system from manual checks and gages. 

Automate Reporting

Wouldn't it be nice to have all the data you need already waiting for you when you get to the office? Wouldn't it be nice to know immediately if there is a problem, and what that problem is, before walking into the office and having to play catchup? QDM Quality Management System has automated report workflows to have all your reports waiting for you, ready to get you up to speed, and automated alerts to keep you in the know. 

Reduce Manual Processes

Tired of pasting into spreadsheets and trying to find the right spreadsheet amongst dozens? Sick of staring at Excel lines of data that don't mean anything? QDM provides visual context while standardizing your data, letting you easily find what you need, and quickly understand the data you are looking at. 

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Collect All of Your Data Without Pushing a Button

QDM Datagrabber collects all of your quality data as soon as it's available, bringing it into your QMS platform to be processed and available. 
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Automate Reporting

Create workflows to automate report creation. Have your reports waiting for you every morning, created for you while you get a coffee, or emailed right to your inbox. Never go hunting for your data again!
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Reduce Manual Inputs and Spreadsheets

Have all the data you need at your fingertips, brought into easy-to-understand formats, and clearly presented. Never look at another copy and pasted spreadsheet of raw data, or juggle dozens of quality spreadsheets. Let QDM organize your data for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best. 
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