GeoFactor Analyzer

Determine the geometric relationship between tolerances and the overall assembly. How much of an effect will changing particular tolerances have on the product's dimensional quality?


GeoFactor Sensitivity and Contributors

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FEA Compliant Modeler

Use Finite Element Analysis to determine the effect of manufacturing processes on your assembly. Account for welding, clamping, gravity, spring-back and other forces. 


Determine the effects of forces on compliant assemblies

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Mechanical Modeler

Use kinematic and mechanical joints and constraints in your model. Analyze parts and assemblies through their range of motion. 


Mechanical and kinematic assemblies

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Advanced Analyzer Optimizer AAO

Analyze your model from a global perspective, viewing all tolerances and measurements in an easy to use and modify matrix. Utilize a series of optimizers to quickly optimize your model for quality, cost or specification. 

AAO Tolerance Matrix

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Inspection Planner

Incorporate your manufacturing process into your tolerance analysis studies by generating measurement plans and inspection plans from the CAD information. 

CATIA V5-6 Integrated

Does not require base 3DCS Software

CATIA integrated inspection plans

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Visualization Export

With the push of a button, connect your 3DCS tolerance analysis model with a high-end visualization tool to generate life like images of tolerance scenarios. Determine build objectives and the impact of tolerances on the appearance of your product (Perceived Quality).


High End Visualization

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