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Upcoming Events and Training

Upcoming Webinar

How to Drive Quality Downstream with MBD - DCS and Metrologic Collaboration

  • Date: Oct 27, 2022
  • Time: 11 am EST
  • Cost: Free --> Register Here

Join DCS for a webinar by gear specialist Tom Oetjens to dive deep into the modeling and analysis of an electric vehicle motor gear assembly, demonstrating helpful tips, practices, processes, and tools.


October 27th, 11 am EST 

What You'll Learn from this webinar:

  • Use of PMI in 3DCS software
  • Pulling PMI from CAD, and pushing it back post-optimization
  • Use of PMI in Metrolog
  • Creation of measurement programs from PMI
  • Simulation of programs in Metrolog
  • Bringing the completed measurements back to 3DCS


  • MBD During Design
  • MBD During Simulation and Analysis
  • Analysis and MBD Link
  • MBD Downstream to Metrology
    • – Program
    • – Simulation 
    • – Measurement
  • Measurements Update Simulation Analysis

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Upcoming Events

IMTS 2022

Booth 135716 - Quality Pavillion

September 12-17, 2022, McCormick Place Chicago, IL


As the 33rd edition of the premier manufacturing technology show in North America, IMTS 2022 will raise expectations of what challenges manufacturing can address. Experience the power of new equipment, software, and products to move your business forward. Discover the effectiveness of transformative technologies. Connect with industry experts and peers to partner on new initiatives.

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Open Training Classes

3DCS Variation Analyst Basic Training


Location: DCS Headquarters, 5750 New King Dr, Ste 330

Time: Tuesday through Thursday, 8 am EST to 4 pm EST, with additional training available Friday

Details: If you require overnight accommodations, we recommend the Candlewood Suites in Troy, MI, which are just down the street from the DCS Office. You can set up overnight accommodations by Clicking Here

Sign Up for Class: Click to Contact DCS

Cost: Based on Class 

This class is the perfect opportunity to get started with 3DCS or freshen up your skills. As an introductory class, it will cover the basics of creating and modeling in 3DCS, starting from the beginning and walking through a variety of helpful skills such as applying moves, tolerances, and measures to a model. 

As the attendees for each class vary, the speed and information of the class may vary. The instructor is available to answer special cases and questions and sets the pace according to the learning curve of the attendees. 

Contact DCS to schedule your training class or sign up for an upcoming group

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