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QDM Plant Level Deployment

Bringing All of Your Plant Data Together to Easily Report, Monitor, and Communicate Your Quality Information in a QDM Quality Management Systems QMS

Deploying a Plant QDM SPC Platform

QDM is the perfect quality management system (QMS) for your manufacturing plant. With the ability to monitor your production in real-time, bring measurement and inspection data into the system from any device or manual check, and then communicate that data as dashboards, reports, and alerts, QDM delivers a complete QMS System customized to your process.

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Automate Your Plant Quality

Connect your plant with QDM SPC Platform and automate your quality collection and analysis

QDM brings all of your measurement and inspection data together into a central server on-site or on the cloud, then gives you the tools to mine that data to fill custom reports and forms. Create re-usable forms for specific customers or quality documents and fill them with any selected data. Preset reports to be ready when you need them, saving yourself valuable time and money preparing data that usually takes days to get ready. 

Key Benefits:

  • Standardize all of your quality data for easy mining and reporting
  • Customize re-usable forms and reports to instantly make new ones with selected data
  • Get up and running fast 


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Choose Your Deployment

Deploy the system on your internal server or in the Cloud. Be put at ease by the security and safety of your data whichever you choose. 

Deploying a Plant Level System On-Site

Create a Secure Server Behind Your Firewall

QDM can be deployed on your server behind your firewall. This gives you full control of the hardware, letting you upgrade and control the specifications of your system. 


  • Your hardware, upgrade when you want
  • Your company's firewall, control security


Connect Your Plant
Get access to the information you need instantly, in real-time

Deploying a Plant Level System on the Cloud

Get started fast with DCS's QDM Cloud

QDM on the Cloud gets you up and runing in no time, letting you focus on your manufacturing, and not on any IT requirements. 


  • Software on the Cloud, update your system fast
  • Little to no IT costs, let DCS maintain your system
  • Up and running right away 

Common Modules in a QDM Plant Platform

Quality Management System QMS

A Plant Deployment of QDM automates and interconnects the plant, providing real-time information to the plant floor and managers customized to the data they need, when they need it. 

Common Modules Used:

  • QDM Gateway and Clients
  • QDM Analyst
  • QDM Satellite Station
  • QDM Datagrabber
  • Configuration and Deployment

Automate Measurement and Inspection Data Collection

Reduce the need for manual data entry, for copy and pasting in Excel spreadsheets, and trying to understand piles of reports and outputs in different formats. 

View Your Quality Information as Dashboards, Reports, and Displays

Set up unique dashboards and reports for each level or role in your organization so that everyone has access to the information they need. 

Fit the System to Your Quality Processes and Setup - Not Ours

Every plant is unique in its setup. Get a quality management system QMS that can be easily configured to your setup and processes, instead of being forced to fit a software company's framework. 

Easily Customizable

Use an out-of-the-box system or choose which modules you want to begin with to create a unique system configuration that fits your processes and setup. 

Stay Hardware Agnostic

Keep yourself from being locked to a single company's hardware. QDM works with any inspection hardware from any manufacturer, allowing you to choose which works best for you. 

Grow the System When You're Ready

Easily add more clients and modules to your system to grow it when your needs increase or shrink when projects are complete.

Start Today with a Free Trial

A Basic Deployment gets you up and running fast and inexpensively with the tools you need to take control of your manufacturing quality. Communicate quickly and efficiently with customers and mine your quality data to solve problems and make decisions. 

QDM is a leading Quality Management System that gets you the information you need right when you need it. Find out how QDM can save your company time and money by trying it free. 

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