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Deploying a QDM System

There are three levels of QDM to get you started, and each one can be done at your site or on the Cloud

Small Business | Inspection Lab
Perfect for the small business, a Basic Deployment allows you to turn your raw inspection data into custom graphical reports and forms.
Medium Business | Single Plant
Designed around the needs of a manufacturing plant, a Plant Level Deployment gives you many options to input your data into the system, and display it to interested parties across the plant as dashboards, reports and displays.
Large Business | Enterprise | Multi-Plant
Combining multiple Plant Level Deployments, the Enterprise Level Deployment connects multiple plants together, giving them the ability to monitor their quality and view it as reports and dashboards, and then empowers managers at headquarters to see the company level quality across all plants.

Choose the Starting System that Works Best For You

Pick a pre-configured system or make one from a selection of configurable modules. QDM lets you create a platform that's right for your organization, and then grow it as you need.