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QDM SPC Platform - Deploy on the Cloud or Local Server

Deploying a Quality Management System QMS On-Site

Create a Secure Server Behind Your Firewall

QDM can be deployed on your server behind your firewall. This gives you full control of the hardware, letting you upgrade and control the specifications of your system. 


  • Your hardware, upgrade when you want
  • Your company's firewall, control security

Deploying a Quality Management System QMS on the Cloud

Get started fast with DCS's QDM Cloud

QDM on the Cloud gets you up and running in no time, letting you focus on your manufacturing, and not on any IT requirements. 


  • Software on the Cloud, update your system fast
  • Monthly cost, with a very small initial investment
  • Little to no IT costs, let DCS maintain your system
  • Up and running right away 


Start Your QDM Platform with a Pre-Configured Deployment

Basic Deployment


Get up and running fast. Start collecting data and getting the information you need.

Plant Deployment


Interconnect your plant and provide information to each user based on their role to keep everyone informed on their quality responsibilities. 

Enterprise Deployment


Create a single source of quality for the entire organization to make it easy to find quality information when you need it.