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Mahindra - Effects of Dimensional Variations of Suspension Components on Vehicle Dynamics

Srinivasrao Balaga has more than ten years of experience in automotive design, with an expert level knowledge of GD&T (ASME Y-14.5M-1994/2007), CMM data analysis and root causing, as well as an expert in 3DCS software application in Drive Away Chasis systems. This experience has helped him become the certified Best Trainer at Mahindra Technical Academy for GD&T. 
Srinivasrao Balaga - Mahindra India
Utilizing this knowledge base, Srinivasrao demonstrated the effect of linkage tolerances on Vehicle Kinematic Behavior and how to best optimize the tolerances for better behavior. This is the best case for 3DCS application under normal circumstances, but because of the kinematic behavior of the linkages, Srivinvasrao used Mechanical Modeler in addition to the base 3DCS software. 
Mahindra India Model
Srinivasrao Balaga ran multi-position analyses on the camber, caster and toe of the assembly through the range of motion, plotting the variation and highlighting worst case to see if the bump steer gradient range was acceptable. As part of the process, his team used iterative design techniques to then optimize the design and check that the outputs were acceptable. 
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