In-Depth SPC Analysis Module

Use as part of a QDM System or as a stand alone tool

QDM PDA is an advanced analysis tool for diving deep into your data. As a QDM Stand Alone Module, QDM PDA can be used as part of a QDM System, pulling custom data sets from the QDM Gateway Server or on its own by loading in data files. 


  • Analyze Plant Data in Real Time
  • Root Cause and Solve Build Issues Fast
  • Determine the Impact of Changes on Manufacturing
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Use QDM PDA to get a deep look at your data to answer important questions about your manufacturing quality. 

Find the Cause of Product Variation

Root cause production variation

View the source of variation and quickly root cause the true root of the problem. 


Determine the Affect of Fixtures and Carriage on Your Production

How does tooling affect variation

Zero in on the builds that use a specific carriage or fixture and compare and contrast that data to determine changes, variation and the effect on the overall build. 


Discover the Effect of Process and Supplier Changes

How do the changes affect quality?

Quickly view the effect of a process change and how much variation it created or reduced. Quickly compare supplier A to supplier B to see how changing suppliers affected your product quality. 


Find Variation From Your Fixtures

Compare different fixtures 

Analyze the data variation caused purely by fixture variation to quickly identify the ficture that needs to be corrected in an assembly line. 


QDM Advanced Plant Data Analyzer

Root Cause Production Issues

Analyze Specific Trends 

Make Determinations About Changes in Suppliers, Machines and Process

QDM PDA gives you the ability to answer important questions about your product quality. Leverage the answers to make decisions about process changes, suppliers and tooling. 

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