NEW GD&T Interface

Part 7: 3DCS Version 7.6 Series

Learn how the new GD&T Interface helps you add tolerances and annotations to your model. Create more granular analyses and easy to understand annotations as inputs for your Monte Carlo Simulation. 


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Pattern Move 

Floating and Fixed Fasteners, Partial Pin and Gravity

Part 6: Digital GD&T Series

The Pattern Move, unique to 3DCS, accurately predicts holes and pins and determines minimum hole sizes required for scenarios. 

Pattern Move - 3DCS 

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X-Plane Move - New Best-Fit Move for 3DCS

Part 2: 3DCS Version 7.5 Series

Create measurement plans and manager reports from 3DCS for downstream manufacturing professionals and the quality team.


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Worst Case Tolerance Analysis

Part 4: 3DCS Version 7.5 Series

Find more about Worst Case Tolerance Analysis, 1D vs 3D, 3D vs. RSS with example models and the 3DCS Worst Case DLL. 



Closed Loop - Problem Solve by Using Plant and Measurement Data in 3DCS

Part 5: Performance Series

Using measurement data from a CMM can give real insight into your production line, and help you discover mean shifts and product variation that may not have been represented in your simulation.


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Parallel Processing and Shared Memory

Part 3: Performance Series

See how to speed up your analysis by 5000% or more!

DCS has added two new features to 3DCS that greatly improve your analysis time, getting you the answers you need faster than ever before.

Distributed Computing Explained

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Getting Started with Finite Element Analysis and Tolerance Analysis

Part 1: FEA Compliant Modeler Series

The first part will cover the use of 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler. Learn how to add Compliant Moves to existing models and manage FEA Mesh Files. What kind of outputs does Compliant Modeler produce? What are some best practices to getting the best results? These questions and more will be answered in the first part of the webinar. 


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Advanced Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Tolerance Models

Part 2: FEA Compliant Modeler Series

Part two is for advanced application. Optimize assembly processes, order of operations and locations for processes. How many clamps do you need? Where is the best place to put them? Will the order of welds affect the assembly differently? Advanced applications for optimization will be covered in part 2 of the webinar.


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Looking for More Webinars On-Demand?

DCS creates webinars almost every month focusing on modeling tips, how-to's and new features. Find more webinars by visiting the DCS Community or using the link below. Visit the DCS Blog to learn about upcoming webinars and read more about tolerance analysis.  

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