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Compliance Reporting - Automate Standard Reports Ppap, FAIR, FDA Reqs

Automate Compliance Reports

Ppap, FAIR, FDA 

Use standardized templates and selected data sets to auto-populate and create detailed compliance reports in seconds, instead of hours and days. Utilize unique features and connections to popular tools in order to create ballooned drawings, first article reports and required documentation to meet regulations. 

Automate the Process

Create automated workflows to create reports and documents in the background, making them readily available for users and quality professionals at a moment's notice. Reuse templates to save time on new parts and products, and incorporate images, CAD models, and drawings into your reports with the click of a button. With easy-to-use wizards to format and build basic reports for you, you'll have more time to do what you need to be doing instead of cutting, pasting, and formatting. 

Manage Your Documents and Reports

QDM allows users to attach documents and reports to part numbers, products, or programs. By connecting your compliance reports to your products, they will be easy to find, access, to keep track of as you add more programs. After the program ends, your reports will be archived and easy to find for reference and to build off of for future programs. 

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Reduce Time Spent Copying and Pasting

With easy-to-use features, QDM Template Maker allows you to quickly build forms and templates to populate into the compliance reports you need. Reuse the templates with any data set to instantly get new reports. 
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Automate Reporting

Complete a form or template with the click of a button to populate it with data. Get the reports you need in seconds, or create workflows to have the reports already made when you need them at a moment's notice. 
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Organize and Manage Your Reports

Keep track of your reports and attach them to their associated parts, products, and programs. Always have the right information at your fingertips. 
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