Digital GD&T Webinar Series - Series In-Progress

Aug Webinar - Design of Experiments in 3DCS

Part 10: May 30 -- Measures - Understanding measures other than point to point 

Guest Presenter - June 27th - OEM to Supplier Handoff - Using Qif for Supplier Quality Assurance, a Case Study with Action Engineering  

SPECIAL: July 25 – 3DCS for SOLIDWORKS - Integrated Tolerance Analysis for SOLIDWORKS 

Part 13: August 29 – DoE Design of Experiments – Run multiple analyses as well as different versions of your model to determine optimal configurations. 

Part 14: September 26 --
[REGISTER HERE] XForm -- The purpose of this module is to allow parts or features to be translated, rotated or transformed by a specific amount. This amount can be specified as a constant value or a calculated value from a measurement.

Part 15: October 24 – Kinematic Assembly – Analysis of Mechanical Range of Motion using Joints and Constraints

Part 16: November 21 – Understanding the Modeling Process – A complete model guide (process of building a model from start to finish [summarized]) – Showcasing a DCS method of modeling

Part 17: December 12 -- 3 Methods of Compliant Modeling – Showcasing and comparing Bend Move, AutoBend, FEA Compliant Modeler


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