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What's New in 3DCS Version 7.8 - Collision Detection and Gear Module

Gear Module - Meshing with 3DCS

The first part of the 7.8 Webinar Series will showcase two new features; the Gear Module and Collision Detection. This will include an overview, with a link to watch a more in-depth video on how to use the new tools. 

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1D vs 2D vs 3D


Why Excel is Failing Your Tolerance Stack-Ups 

Learn how 1D and 2D stacks in Excel are missing important influences and wasting time with recalculations.

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How To: Worst Case Analysis 


Learn how to calculate Worst Case in 3DCS tolerance analysis software and why Worst Case analysis may be contributing to high production costs unnecessarily. 

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3DCS for CATIA V5 Overview


3DCS fully integrated into CATIA V5

Guest presenter Gary Carne, Dassault Systemes, and Gary Bell, DCS, demonstrate the use of GD&T in CATIA and how to use it to support Model Based Design

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3DCS fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS

3DCS fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS puts powerful tolerance analysis tools right at your fingertips, accessible from inside your CAD platform. 

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How to Create GD&T in CAD

Learn how to create embedded GD&T in CATIA , NX and CREO

Creating FTA in CATIA

  • Two Methods of Creating FTA
  • Using GD&T Advisor
  • Reading in FTA

Creating PMI in NX

  • Setting up Datums
  • PMI on NX Parts
  • Showing how to create Model Variants

Creating PMI in CREO

  • Creating PMI in Creo
  • Creating Model Variants in Creo
  • Reading PMI into Creo and creating tolerances

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3DCS fully integrated into PTC CREO

Showcasing 3DCS for Creo fully integrated into Creo Parametric, this is an excellent webinar for new and experienced 3DCS users looking to use Creo and 3DCS together.

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3DCS for NX


3DCS fully integrated into Siemens NX CAD

3DCS for NX includes all of the functionality of 3DCS's other versions [Multi-CAD, CATIA V5], as well as giving access to Add-on modules to for additional functionality [Advanced Analyzer Optimizer, FEA Compliant Modeler, Mechanical Modeler, Visualization Export, Geofactor], but also leverages the tools and add-ons found in the NX CAD system.

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Analysis Sharing and Collaboration


What do you use your model for after your analysis? Find out how to continue to leverage it throughout the product lifecycle

This webinar focuses on what users can do with a model after it has been completed. This includes using Excel and the Process Capability Database to update the model, as well as creating reports and inspection plans from the model results, and different ways to display and present the model.

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3DCS Measurements 


See how to create measurements to simulate inspection in CAD

  • Determine model variation outputs
  • Find conditions difficult to see in production
  • Use inspection measurements to validate processes

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GD&T Applications


Learn tips and best practices when applying tolerances

  • Linear Dimensioning
  • Hole Combinations
  • Mixing GD&T Techniques

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Pattern Move


Unique to 3DCS, the Pattern Move allows you to simulate groups of holes and pins.

  • What is the Pattern Move?
  • How to set up a Pattern Move
  • Why use the Pattern Move in your models


  • Fixed Fasteners
  • Floating Fasteners

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3DCS Equation Measure


See how Equation Measure can help you get non-standard outputs from your 3DCS model.

  • Non-standard interactions
  • Conditional positioning
  • Need for check measures on possible outcomes
  • If/Then based measurements
  • Conditional measurements
  • Mathematical or Trigonometric based measurements

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Batch Processor and Design of Experiments


Use the Batch Processor to run analyses in the background or overnight

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Black Box Methodology


Working With Large Models - Black Box Methodology

Black Box Methodology aims to turn sub-assemblies into single components when working in a model. By analyzing the sub-assembly first, the variation from that assembly can be applied to the overall assembly as a component in a larger structure, such as an aircraft.

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Early Model Time Savers and Quality of Life Hacks


This webinar focuses on setting up a 3DCS model, and some Quality of Life techniques you can use to make working on your model easier and faster.

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9 Tips to Improve Simulation Performance


  1. Fast Point
  2. Right Click Menu
  3. Points Dialog Box
  4. Measure Generator
  5. Extracting Embedded CAD - PMI/FTA + Joints/Constraints
  6. Process Capability Database
  7. Tolerance Wizard
  8. MTM Info
  9. Tips to Reduce Simulation Time

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3DCS - XForm Move by Value


Learn to use the XForm DLL to model special cases, unique moves, and special measure conditions

  • Move two components partway -- move piston rod out of the housing
  • Create before and after measurements for a components move
  • Add angle tolerances to a cone 
  • Move a part to another part after variation 

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Supplier Quality for Suppliers


Learn about Tolerance Negotiation, Supplier Quality Standardization and Cloud SPC Systems

Tolerance Negotiation

  • 3DCS software provides analysis and demonstrates risk 
  • Set Cp or Pp objectives and see which tolerances need to be adjusted to meet them
  • Change and show adjustments and optimization live with instant updates to tolerance or objective changes


  • Supplier Measurement Standardization
  • Affordable Cloud-based SPC System

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A Model Based Definition Case Study


Using QIF to Maintain the Digital Thread from OEM to Supplier

Learn about:

  • QIF Standard
  • Model Based Definition
  • Interconnecting Teams

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Using 3DCS to Promote Downstream Quality


Learn how to utilize your 3DCS model to accomplish a number of tasks and downstream applications such as:

  • Measurement Plan Authoring
  • CMM Routine Creation
  • Management Report Generation
  • Alignment of Supplier Quality
  • Comparator Reports - Measured vs. Simulated
  • Tolerance Negotiation

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QDM 3D Gains New SPC Enhancements and Increased Usability


This online training course covered the 5 latest function enhancements and 5 productivity enhancements added in the latest version of QDM (formerly GDM).

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Quality Report Creation in 30 Seconds


Learn how to use QDM ANALYST to create quality reports from measurement data in seconds. 

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Big Data - Compare, Contrast, and Find Answers


This webinar shows 4 different ways QDM ANALYST, the basic standalone module of QDM for report and template authoring, can be used to compare data sets.

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Intro to FEA Compliant Modeler Add-on - 3DCS FEA


3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler is an add-on module for 3DCS software allowing the incorporation of Finite Element Analysis.

Just some of the things you can do with Compliant Modeler:

  • Clamp parts together
  • Apply gravity so that parts sag and dip from their own weight
  • Use spot welds and joins to parts
  • Check sequences of processes for optimal placement
  • Determine the impact of thermal effects from the environment or function

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Validate Before They Ship -Supplier Quality Assurance


See 3 Methods of improving supplier quality by incorporating suppliers into an SPC process. Improve data communication, document control, data flow, and validate supplier parts before they leave the plant. 

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3DCS Advanced Optimizer Add on Enhancements and Methods


1. Advanced Analyzer Matrix – display all of your tolerances or measurements in a single table to quickly view outputs, statistics, and make changes globally.

2. Critical Tolerance Identifier – Find the most critical tolerances in your model or the most critical part in your assembly that adds the greatest variation.

3. Tolerance Optimizer – Optimize your tolerances instantly to meets specified criteria, loosening non-critical areas, and tightening critical ones.

4. Locator Sensitivity Analyzer – Use LSA to check and validate moves, tooling, and locator strategies.

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Advanced Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Tolerance Models


Part two is for advanced applications. Optimize assembly processes, the order of operations, and locations for processes. How many clamps do you need? Where is the best place to put them? Will the order of welds affect the assembly differently? Advanced applications for optimization will be covered in part 2 of the webinar.

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Simulation Based Sensitivity - SBS


Simulation Based Sensitivity (SBS) is a new advanced analysis tool coming out for 3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on (AAO) for all versions of 3DCS software

Use SBS when:

  • You find a nonlinear relationship
  • You want more detailed information about how contributors affect your measure results
  • You have a mean shift or want to account for one

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Locator Sensitivity Analyzer (LSA) and Alias Display


Two great new features now available in AAO and the core software, LSA and Alias Display are great for testing your model for functionality and quickly naming or re-naming your points and moves. View the webinar to learn more!

Take aways:

  • How to test moves with LSA
  • Create automatic naming conventions to standardize model naming 
  • Quickly rename all points on your model by quickly creating new naming conventions

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3DCS Mechanical and Degree of Freedom Counter


Showcasing the new 3DCS for NX product in the NX Platform, this is an excellent webinar for new and experienced 3DCS users looking to use NX and 3DCS together.

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3DCS Mechanical and Kinematics


Learn how to use Joints and Constraints in your tolerance stack up. 

  • Model linkages and mechanical assemblies
  • Use a large library of Joints and Constraints
  • Combine 3DCS traditional modeling with mechanical Joints and Constraints
  • Depict variation on kinematic assemblies through their range of motion
  • If available, utilize the cad system’s embedded Joints and Constraints
  • Use Kinematic Analysis

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GD&T Interface and Tolerancing


Learn how to use the new GD&T interface and new methodology of adding tolerances in 3DCS

The new interface offers:

  • GD&T Standards
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Granular Analysis

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Kinematic Rigid Body vs. Kinematic Compliance Model


Learn from Srinivasrao Balaga, DCS Senior Dimensional Engineer how to combine mechanical kinematics and compliant FEA moves together into a single assembly.

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X-Plane Move


The X-Plane move is a 6-Plane move that allows for more than six pairs of features to be selected and then best fits your parts. It is a powerful move that can be used in a large variety of situations and may become your go to move for modeling in 3DCS. Learn how to use it, and see a number of example models to start using this new move.

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Model Variants


Understand and learn how to use Model Variants as well as Show Samples in your Analysis output

  • Why use Model Variants?
  • What instances would Model Variants help?
  • What features in your model are affected by Model Variants?

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Cloud Computing - Instant Analysis Results


DCS is adding two new features to 3DCS that will greatly decrease your analysis time, getting you the answers you need faster than ever before.

  • Shared Memory - Single Machine Multi-Core Processing - Enhanced speed on standard 3DCS software
  • Distributed Parallelization - Cloud Computing - Pay as you go high-performance processing

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Modeling Process with Bordrin 


DCS and Bordrin New Energy Vehicle Company discuss the steps leading up and including modeling in 3DCS software

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Pt 1 Perceived Quality - Spec Studies in 3DCS


Take Aways:

  • Learn how to build Spec Studies
  • How does variation impact your product's appearance
  • How do you use your CAD model to set early gap and flush objectives (tolerances)

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Pt 2 Perceived Quality - Using Tolerance Stack Ups in Perceived Quality


Take Aways:

  • Use Monte Carlo analysis to determine final product tolerances
  • See how the simulated tolerances would affect the products final appearance
  • View design changes and updates instantly on the product

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Pt 3 Perceived Quality - High End Visualization Tools


Take Aways:

  • How to create life-like images in and out of the CAD system
  • What process is needed to create high visualization images with 3DCS variation
  • How can you streamline and automate this process

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Color Mapping and Process Capability Database


Take aways:

  • Best practices for applying color mapping to a model
  • Different methods of color mapping and manipulating the legend
  • Linking tolerances and updating the Process Capability Database

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Integrated GeoFactor - Visualize Effect - Tree Groups


Learn about the new features in 3DCS version 7.7 including the new Table View, Integrated GeoFactor and Tree Groups

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Control Perceived Quality - 3DEXPERIENCE


3DCS fully integrated in CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE

Guest presenter Daniel Dresemann, Dassault Systemes, showcased Live Rendering and 3DCS for 3DEXPERIENCE to communicate quality between Design and Manufacturing

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Updates to GD&T Measure, X-Plane, Pattern Move in 7.7


Learn about the new features in 3DCS version 7.7 including GD&T Measure, and enhancements to both X-Plane Move and the Pattern Move.

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Sequence Optimizer - Clamp and Weld Sequences


Reduce Cycle and Launch Time by Optimizing Clamp, Join, and Weld Sequences

Requires AAO Add-on module

  • Determine the order of operations that produces the least variation
  • Special algorithms reduce the number of analyses needed
  • Reduce manual calculations with configurable simulations
  • Optimize for both travel distance and variation
  • Find the best combination of travel distance and variation to improve cycle times
  • Weigh inputs to analyze for greater reductions in either travel distance or variation

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Understanding Dimensional Management


Understand the process and value of Dimensional Management through a combination of helpful storytelling and examples


  • Understanding the Basics
  • What are the contributors and inputs
  • Who is involved with the process
  • What are some best practices for implementing Dimensional Management

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QDM ANALYST V8.1 - What's New


QDM 3D Analyst has been expanded on in the new Version 8.1 Release.
This release compiles all of the updates, enhancements, and new features added over the last 12 months to make it easy to utilize in your quality reporting and SPC studies.

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Gear Modeling in 3DCS


Learn how 3DCS can assess gear backlash and mounting misalignment, perform angular backlash analysis, and create flank test displays and contact patterns. Here are some of the measurements it supports:

  • Backlash and system backlash.
  • Line of action contact.
  • Center mounting distance.
  • Mounting angles.
  • Contact pressure angles.
  • Flank contact area.
  • Radial tooth interface.
  • Radial tooth gap.

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Datum Optimizer


The NEW 3DCS Datum Optimizer is a tool using a genetic algorithm to determine the optimal datum features from a candidate set with the goal of minimizing the rigid part variation or compliant part deformation.

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What's Inside 3DCS

New Dimension Distance Measure

The new release of 3DCS provides some great enhancements and tools:

  • Datum Optimizer (not included in this event)
  • Tree Enhancements (Groups, DCS Tree Name, Alias)
  • Dimension Distance Measure
  • Volume Measurement 

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Daimler Validation of FEA Compliant Modeler

Simulation vs Fixture Measure FEA Validation - 3DCS

DCS is proud to present guest speaker Hanchen Zheng, Daimler. Zheng will be discussing the process, inputs, and results from his validation study on 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler on BIW parts. 

This paper proposes an approach to implement tolerance simulation for a compliant assembly, which includes manufacturing processes such as clinching, bolting and hemming by applying tolerance simulation tool.

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IMTS SPARK - Learn How to Optimize Datums to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

IMTS SPARK Special Event

Improper selection of datum features during manufacturing and assembly may cause severe quality problems. Improper datum features risk turning all the quality parts, accurate dimensioning and tolerancing, and first-class operations into a defective assembly.

Learn how to optimize datum features to improve manufacture and assembly. 

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Learn about the new tool for interrogating and viewing 3DCS models, expanding tolerance analysis access across your organization

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3DCS DVM - Design Variation Modeler

DVM Webpage Cover Image in NX

Learn about the new version of 3DCS specifically created to be easy to use, fast, and more efficient than Excel tolerance stacks

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