DCS Helps Manufacturers Across Multiple Industries Improve Quality and Reduce Scrap

DCS is used by both large and small OEM's, suppliers and manufacturers across many  industries. 



DCS originated in the automotive industry in 1994, and has continued to serve automotive OEM's and suppliers. With major customers including General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volkswagon,  Jaguar Land Rover, Tower Automotive, PACCAR Perterbilt Trucks and Tesla, DCS has worked with automotive manufacturers across the world. 

With a specialty in Body-In-White (BIW), DCS Tolerance Analysis is also heavily used in Power Train and Exhaust Systems, as well as mechanical devices like windshield wipers and engines. 

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Beginning with Airbus in 2002, DCS has had working partnerships with a variety of aerospace manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Cessna Textron Aviation, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream. 

Working with aerospace companies, DCS has been influential in reducing shimming, rework and improving final assembly of aircraft. 

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Working in a variety of different product lines, DCS has partners with major manufacturers and their supplier to improve product quality in increase manufacturing efficiency.

A host of products including cell phones, laptop computers, hard drives, computer mice and televisions have benefited from the use of 3DCS software with companies like LG Electronics, Samsung and Western Digital.

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Producers of consumer products, washers, dryers, blenders, dishwashers, refrigerators, deal with the same kinds of issues that other industries have. Gap and flush conditions, non-conformance, poor Perceived Quality, rework, scrap and warranty claims all affect their bottom line. 3DCS is used to reduce these issues, improving quality and reducing costs. 

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Medical Device manufacturers like Philips Medical have benefited from the use of 3DCS tools. Working with MRI machines, medical carts and defibrillator units, DCS has helped medical manufacturers create high quality products at lower cost. 

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3DCS has been used to improve the appearance of home goods products and other consumer goods like refridgerators, washing machines and dryers, blenders and ovens. Working with major manufacturers to simulate the builds and use life like visualization, DCS provides virtual prototypes to test consumer perceptions and improve both the perceived and the actual quality of products. 

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Oil and energy companies, producers of drills, nuclear and fusion power plants and other tools, often deal with heavy regulations and compliance requirements. 3DCS helps meet standards while improving final product assembly and functionality. Learn how large energy suppliers use 3DCS to improve their final assembly. 

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Helping companies make the machines that make the products you enjoy, industrial and heavy machinery manufacturers have benefited from the use of 3DCS tolerance analysis software to reduce scrap and rework, improving the overall fit and finish of their products. 

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I like to tell people that “DCS is the biggest small company I’ve ever worked with”, which essentially means that they have the product support and development that I would expect of a large corporation, but their attentiveness to the customer is that of a family-owned small business. 

CESSNA  Textron Aviation