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What's New in 3DCS V7.8 and QDM V8.1

3DCS Version

The new versions of 3DCS sport new enhancements, fixes, and brand-new features to help improve modeling and template authoring to save you time while giving you new options. 

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Major Features in Version

  • Pattern Move- Support for Slot/Tab features
  • 3D Best Fit Floating - Determinate Assembly
  • Chordal Mesh Setting - Distance between mesh and CAD
  • Worst-Case Improvements
  • Single Part Analysis - Matching Processes and More
  • Gear Module for Mechanical Modeler
  • Collision Detection


Additional Features and Enhancements

The new release of 3DCS in the summer of 2021 provides some great enhancements and tools:

  • Improved Arc Tolerance Results
  • GD&T Form support for spherical and cylindrical features
  • Worst-Case to better handle Bonus, Datum Shift, and Floats
  • Composite Position GD&T allows non-size features
  • AAO adds Datum Optimizer
  • AAO adds Sequence Optimizer
  • Part Distance Measure

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QDM Version 8.1  

The new release of QDM Analyst brings a variety of quality of life improvements as well as new features to help you sort your SPC data, organize your charts, and improve your templates for quality reporting. 

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The new features include: 

  • Assign Classification – Batch mode
  • Base Template – Classification Based Sorting
  • Ergoplace – All Sides
  • Gage R&R  - Enhancements
  • Import Data with Classification
  • Sort data by Classification
  • Update Nominals – Interface
  • Link documents to Report
  • QDM Configurable Banner
  • Merge only XYZ charts
  • 2D Template Layout Wizard
  • Tolerance Negotiation – Updates
  • Advanced Hide Options
  • Measurement Chart Manager Interface
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