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QDM Data Entry Portal - Manually Add Data to Your QDM SPC Platform

QDM Data Entry Portal

Use input centers on the plant floor to submit manual measurements into your QDM System

Taking hand measurements? Using gages and calipers? Inputting into an Excel sheet or on a clipboard? QDM Data Entry Portal gives you an easy way to input that measurement data right into the QDM System to instantly update your quality dashboards, monitors, and reports. 

Datagrabber Automate Data Collection

QDM Data Entry Portal can be placed on any device and used to quickly update your quality system with manually collected data. Keep your system up to the minute with quick input stations or mobile devices right on the plant floor. 

Keep Your Quality System Updated from Hand Measurements and Excel

Add manual entry portals with monitors or laptops near stations, or create an internal portal for users to enter in manual measurements and gauge data. 

Easy Interface Makes Updating Dashboard and Reports Quick and Easy

The interface makes it easy to find the location of the measurement and add the data to the system. 

Create Stations Right on the Plant Floor or Through a Portable Device

Put the stations where the measurements are happening, or make them portable for quality team members to take with them.