Powerful Stand Alone SPC Tool

Instantly Create Quality Reports, Ppap's, FAIR's and SPC Results in Seconds

QDM ANALYST is an easy-to-use analysis tool for processing your data and creating graphical and SPC reports. As a QDM Stand Alone Module, QDM ANALYST can be used on its own or as part of a larger QDM SPC System


  • Create FAIR, Ppap and Quality Reports in Seconds
  • Use Data From Any Measurement Device or Source 
  • Generate Quality Metrics, Compare Data and Visually See Your Quality on CAD Parts
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Bring raw data from any measurement device, including .csv and excel spreadsheets, into QDM ANALYST and get instant forms and reports

qdm-analyst-2.pngInstant Compliance Reports

Create FAIR, Ppaps and Quality Reports on Demand

Use saved forms and templates that can be instantly populated with new data to create First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), Ppap's and other quality reports. 


monitor-cpk-critical-to-quality-points-dcs.pngStatistical Charts - Cpk / Ppk

Use metrics to instantly determine pass/fail

Quickly determine metrics and add pass/fail criteria to your charts. 

qdm-analyst-4.pngMachine Process Capability

Determine machine capability

Choose data sets and determine the capability for drilling machines, CNC and other equipment. 



qdm-analyst-report.pngPoint to Point Measurements

See the distribution of measurements

Set the distribution of all of your point to point measurements, referenced on a CAD image of the part itself. 

qdm-analyst-3.pngPoint Boxes - Surface Profile

Color coded results for quick analysis

Use color coding for quick analysis and communication of surface profile variation and pass/fail conditions. 




qdm-analyst-1.pngRun Charts

Track trends and compare data sets

Keep track of the last runs or compare current to past production.

30-measure-report-graphics-page-qdm.pngCustomer Specific Reports

Create Custom reusable reports for each customer

Customize your forms and templates for each customer, then instantly generate customer reports specific to each customers parts with the push of a button. 

qdm-analyst-5.pngIncorporate CAD to Create Context

Show your specific measurement points and link to CAD to standardize

Use the CAD data from customers or design teams to create measurement plans, and link the measurements and inspection data to CAD points, standardizing your process. Bring measurement data back into CAD to root cause and solve build issues. 



Create FAIR, Ppap and Quality Reports in Seconds

Use Any CAD or Measurement Data 

Generate Instant Quality Metrics Customized by Product, Customer or Program

QDM ANALYST is a powerful tool that is easy to learn. Download the brochure to learn more, and contact DCS to get a free demonstration from one of DCS's experts. 

Download the Brochure

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