Communicate Quality Effectively Across Your Global Enterprise

Get real-time insight into your company's quality at the part, product, production and plant level with dashboards, reports and displays. 

Automate and standardize the quality data collection across the organization, making it easy for plants to track their quality minute by minute, reducing downtime and scrap. 

Connect and track supplier quality to reduce bad part shipments and standardize your supplier quality reporting. 

All this and more with QDM. 

QDM SYSTEM Enterprise Deployment

Connect Multiple Plant Level Deployments

QDM brings all of your measurement and inspection data together into a central server on site or on the cloud, then gives you the tools to mine that data to fill custom reports and forms. Create re-usable forms for specific customers or quality documents and fill them with any selected data. Preset reports to be ready when you need them, saving yourself valuable time and money preparing data that usually takes days to get ready. 

Key Benefits:

  • Standardize all of your quality data for easy mining and reporting
  • Customize re-usable forms and reports to instantly make new ones with selected data
  • Get real-time visibility into your quality from suppliers and plants
  • Connect Your Plants and Suppliers
  • Use Multiple Plant Level Setups
  • Automate Inspection Collection

QDM Enterprise Level connects your plants and suppliers from across the globe, giving you real-time insight into your manufacturing quality, and the ability to see problems before they happen, reducing downtime and scrap. 

Deploying an Enterprise Level System

Connect Multiple Plant Level Systems Together

Creating an Enterprise Level QDM System is simple. Create Plant Level Systems at your chosen plants, and then connect them together. Using QDM as a central source, this gives you the ability to collect, standardize and mine all of your company data. 

Begin with a single plant, or all of them. QDM can be quickly scaled to meet your company needs. 


  • Start with one plant or all of them
  • Customize each plant deployment to meet your needs
  • Control system access with designated user profiles



Deploying an Enterprise System On-Site

Create a Secure Server Behind Your Firewall

QDM can be deployed on your server behind your firewall. This gives you full control of the hardware, letting you upgrade and control the specifications of your system. 


  • Your hardware, upgrade when you want
  • Your company's firewall, control security


Deploying a Enterprise System on the Cloud

Get started fast with DCS's QDM Cloud

QDM on the Cloud gets you up and runing in no time, letting you focus on your manufacturing, and not on any IT requirements. 


  • Software on the Cloud, update your system fast
  • Little to no IT costs, let DCS maintain your system
  • Up and running right away 


Standardize Quality Across Your Enterprise

Connect Your Plants and Suppliers

Gain Real-Time Insight Into Your Quality

QDM gives you the power to create a custom system incorporating your plants and suppliers to see your quality in real-time, allowing you to see issues as they begin and catch them early. Reduce downtime and scrap by setting alerts and root causing the issue, and track the corrections. Want to see it for yourself? Try it free by filling out the form below. 

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