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QDM SPC Platform

Quality Management System

QDM SPC Platform gives you access to your quality information from anywhere, at any time, instantly. Automate your quality collection and start reducing your costs with real-time monitoring and powerful SPC tools

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Gain trace-ability across your enterprise


Track Quality in Real-Time

Real-time monitoring of your production line gives you constant visibility into your manufacturing quality. Watch for out-of-specification parts, or trends towards out-of-spec scenarios. 

Reduce downtime, defects, and non-conformance by giving immediately addressing manufacturing issues, and solve problems before parts can go out-of-spec.

Use SPC to Root-Cause and Reduce Non-Conformance

QDM WEB gives you advanced SPC analysis. 

This comes in the form of dashboards and analysis reports that can be made available to interested parties across your organization. 

These offer analytics in the form of Cpk, Cp, Ppk, Pp as well as comparisons, trends, and historical analysis. Choose specific samples based on location, time, machine, part, or operator. 

Communicate Across the Organization and to Customers

QDM WEB offers both custom reporting and automated reporting. 

Users can choose specific data sets, then select from pre-made forms to automatically generate custom reports in seconds.  

Alternately, users can set up automatic report generation, creating specific reports available when they need them. This can be used to have the previous day's report always available in the morning or to instantly create historic reports from the previous month, line, production run, or other variables. 

Quickly Solve Production and Quality Issues

Use QDM WEB to solve production issues and predict manufacturing problems before they happen. 

This gives you the ability to reduce scrap, rework and warranty claims by finding and resolving issues before they become problems. 

With trend reports and automated alerts, stay constantly up-to-date on your production quality. 

Use custom reports to drill down and find exactly where and why your manufacturing is having issues. Is it a bad part? Is a machine worn out? Is an operator performing poorly? Find the answers you need, fast. 

Your Single Source of Quality

  Powerful SPC Platform 

  Gain Real Insight Into Your Quality

  QDM quality management systems are all about access to your quality data, letting your people get information fast, and from anywhere, in a way that allows them to make decisions quickly. This gives you secure access to the information you need, from any data source, anywhere in the world, on any device.


Quality At Your Fingertips

Centralize All Your Data in a Secure Central Server

Your data is secure behind your firewall or on the cloud protected by top-of-the-line security. 

Collect Measurement Data from Any Device

Stay hardware agnostic so your plants can use any vendor. 

Standardize Your Data and Inspection Analysis

Get all your data in standardized formats so it is easy to understand and use for decision-making. 

Customize the System to Fit Your Processes

Configure QDM to fit your organization, not the other way around. 

Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring

Stay up-to-date with dashboards and alerts that constantly refresh. 

Incorporate Suppliers to View Their Part Quality Early

Connect your supply chain to your QDM SPC Platform to both let them check their quality, and to check the quality of supplier parts before they ship. 

Web-Based System for Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Log in from any secure web browser on any device - phone, desktop, laptop, tablet. 

Use Dashboards, Reports, and Alerts

Use a combination of automated reports, custom reports, dashboards, and alerts to know everything going on in your organization and create a single source for quality information.

Three Pre-built Deployments

To Get You Up and Running FAST

Inspection Lab | Single Plant | Enterprise (Multiple Plants)


Customize Your SPC Platform

QDM is a modular system that can be quickly built to suit your needs

By choosing off-the-shelf modules and combining them into a system, you have the ability to create a custom platform at a low cost that can be quickly scaled up or down based on your business demands. 

Quality Intelligence

QDM gives you the information you need, when you need it; not just the raw data. 


Instant Access to Data

Use your phone, tablet, laptop, or workstation PC to view your data from anywhere in the world. 


Secure and Protected

Put the QDM server behind your secure network, or use DCS's secure Cloud Network to control access and keep your data safe. 


Decision-Making Format

Once you receive your data, it will be ready to use and share as dashboards, quality metrics, scorecards, and interactive graphical and statistical reports. 


Supplier Quality Assurance

We basically documented everything, so you can easily build new templates and sections.



Closed Loop - Incorporate CAD and PLM

Interconnect your Model-Based Enterprise and PLM systems to create a complete quality solution. 


“The software I use is predominantly QDM WEB, and I use it to review data for assembly level and use it to mature our quality looking at trend charts, performance over time, predominantly using run charts. The greatest advantage of using the QDM software is that it is all in one place whether it is single panel assembly, supplier data, or own data, it is all there at my fingertips with just a couple of clicks.”

Jon Tongue
Maturation Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

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