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How It Works - QDM Quality Management System 

QDM works as a quality platform to monitor, standardize, and report your quality data. 

As a modular system, QDM can be configured in hundreds of different ways. To make things easy for new clients, DCS provides 3 out-of-the-box configurations based on deployment size to give a starting point. 

Basic Deployment
Inspection Labs, Machine Shops, Small Businesses
Plant Deployment
Single Plant, Medium Manufacturers, Suppliers
Enterprise Deployment
Multiple Plants, Global Organizations

Setting Up a QDM Platform 

A QDM Platform begins with a central server. All your data will be housed in this server on a QDM Gateway. The server can be an on-premise server behind your company's firewall, or in the cloud, managed and secured by leading cloud providers and updated by DCS. 

Once the server is set up, modules are connected to it in order to stretch the system into your ecosystem. These allow the system to collect data, let your team create templates and forms to populate with data to make reports, clients in order for users to have custom dashboards, reports, and access, as well as specialized modules for plant floor trace-ability, advanced root cause analysis, and more. With so many options, it is important to map out your current process and production, and then decide which areas you want to support. Don't worry about doing everything, you can always grow the system later! 

As it can be daunting to start from nothing, DCS provides three deployments of pre-configured modules to get you started. You can choose on of these and then customize it, or start by selecting your own modules. 

Users of the QDM Platform log into the system through any web browser and device - laptop, desktop, phone, tablet. Each user has a Client assigned to them with their profile, what information they can access, and their custom dashboards, automated and saved reports, as well as custom report-making tools. From there, the user can navigate the system to find additional information on part, product, and program quality, instantly viewing metrics, dashboards, and reports. 

Components of a QDM Quality Platform

Each QDM Platform is unique, but they share some common components. The most common components in QDM systems are:

QDM Common Components QMS

  • QDM Gateway - the central server and heart of the system. 
  • QDM Analyst Template Maker - the tool used to create report templates and forms for the system. 
  • QDM Clients - the assigned user profiles to allow your team to access the system and determine what is visible to them. 
  • QDM Datagrabber - the module used to automate data collection. 

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