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3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-on

Add kinematic and mechanical joints and constraints to your 3DCS models

Apply Joints and Constraints and Analyze Through the Full Range of Motion

Not all parts and assemblies are static. Many products move, react and change during their operation, whether a robotic arm, the shocks of an automobile, the landing gear of a plane or the pistons in an engine. Variation can affect these kinds of assemblies throughout their operation. 
Using a new set of kinematic Joints and Constraints and unique simulation, 3DCS Mechanical Modeler can determine the impact of variation on your assembly through its entire range of motion. 
With built-in tools like the Degree of Freedom counter, 3DCS Mechanical Modeler allows users to tackle a whole new breadth of models and applications. 
3DCS Mechanical Modeler is an add-on module for 3DCS software solutions, available in all versions, and adding a new toolbar containing Joints and Constraints, Mechanical Moves, Deviation in Motion and the Degree of Freedom counter. 
3DCS Mechanical - Suspension System

Benefits of using Mechanical Modeler

  • Speed up and simplify modeling of kinematic assemblies
  • model complicated linkages and mechanical assemblies
  • Combine 3D Variation and Kinematic Analysis
  • Depict variation on kinematic assemblies through their range of motion in place of fixed locations

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Learn More with These Webinars On-Demand

3DCS Mechanical Overview
Mechanical Modeler Overview
See how to build kinematic models
Degree of Freedom Counter
Degree of Freedom Counter
Quickly validate your models and moves
Kinematics with Finite Element Analysis
Kinematics with FEA Analysis
Combine Kinematic assemblies with Finite Element Analysis

Create Kinematic Assemblies

Determine the effect of variation on mechanical models

Engines, gears, pistons, levers, arms, linkages can all be modeled using mechanical moves and Joints and Constraints. 3DCS Mechanical Modeler simulates connected parts and can deviate those parts through their range of motion, validating the build at each step. Find out if your assembly will build and function given your GD&T and assembly process. 

Quickly Create New Models

Extracting Joints and Constraints from CAD and applying them to your DCS model instructs the software on the build and assembly process of your product. This creates the Moves in 3DCS Variation Analyst automatically, saving valuable time for the modeler. 

Product Assembly Simulation - 3DCS
Model Assembly Processes
See how variation and manufacturing processes affect your assembly's function

Key Benefits

  • Create tolerance analysis models faster
  • Extract Joints and Constraints from CAD and apply to your 3DCS model as Moves with the push of a button
  • Utilize accurate assembly processes removing the need for the modeler to determine how the parts are assembled

Upgrade Your Models

Upgrade Existing Models

Add mechanical moves to existing models, combining rigid body moves with mechanical moves to assemble your product. 

Extract From CAD

Pull Joints and Constraints directly from your CAD model to quickly build 3DCS models. Save time, and reduce user error by allowing modelers to leverage Model-Based Engineering.

Large Library of Joints and Constraints

Build mechanical models in 3DCS using a large library of Joints and Constraints to accurately represent your products behavior. 

Analyze Range of Motion

Simulate your product's functional range of motion, determining how the tolerance stack will affect its functionality. 

Validate Moves with Degree of Freedom Counter

The built-in Degree of Freedom Counter gives you a fast tool to quickly validate and trouble shoot your model. 

Model Complex Linkages

Use combinations of moves to assemble and simulate complicated mechanical linkages like robotic arms and convertible automobile roofs. 


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3DCS Variation Analyst with Mechanical Modeler puts powerful tools into your hands to drive important decisions about design, tooling, and manufacturing. Find problems early that could cost millions in production, and create truly robust designs. 

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