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QDM SPC Custom Dashboards

A Unique Dashboard for Each User

Get constant visibility into your quality programs and parts. qdm-for-mobile-redacted

The QDM SPC Platform monitors inspection data from the plant floor and converts it to a dashboard that does predictive analysis. It predicts when the process is going to go out of control and can immediately alert the user. For example, imagine an assembly line that is making pins and the size of those pins is being examined for consistent size. If the size of the pins changes, QDM can notify personnel.


  • Instantly see the quality metrics of your programs
  • Create grouped dashboards - machines, plant, program groups, part sets, suppliers, the entire organization
  • Click into the Dashboard to drill down into the data and find the reasons for change

Dashboards for Suppliers


See any supplier, plant, or program's quality metrics with high-level dashboards. Click into the dashboard to drill down to specific time periods, parts, products, machines, operators, and more.

Program Dashboards



Keep track of your program with custom dashboards to watch the metrics that matter most to you. 

Leveled Dashboards


Roll your dashboards up into higher-level ones to combine multiple programs, products, or suppliers to get a high-level view of the organization's quality.