The Central Core of a QDM System 

The QDM Gateway is the server software that controls a QDM System


A QDM Gateway acts as the central hub of a QDM System. Installed either locally on a server or through the cloud, the QDM Gateway is the database repository of all of your information, standardized into a single format for easy access and use. As part of a basic QDM System, as shown above, the QDM Gateway connects all of your QDM Modules together, and allows you to automate processes to save time and get you the information you need, when you need it. 

QDM System Module Descriptions:

1. QDM Analyst - Form, Report and Template creator. 

2. QDM Gateway - Central Database and system controller. 

3. QDM Datagrabber - Automated data collector. 

4, 5, 6. QDM Clients - Users of the QDM System. 

Key Features:

  • 3 Different versions scaled to fit your business
  • QDM Gateway forms the central database of a QDM System
  • Connect the QDM Modules you want to your system to create a custom system sized to your needs
  • Start small and build up to a larger system, or create a complete quality system from the start
  • Use different Clients to designate user roles and control access to your information
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  • The inputs and outputs of a quality system
    Quality System Inputs and Outputs
  • A Supplier QDM System Setup
    QDM System Supporting Global Supply Chain

QDM Systems are used to connect plants and suppliers to central database to aggregate their measurement information. By using the system, suppliers and plants are provided measurement plans that autopopulate with their measurement data, standardizing all incoming information and giving company's the ability to quickly use the information to make decisions. 


Start with the Version Best Suited to Your Quality Needs

Upgrade when you're ready

The QDM System is designed to be modular, letting you upgrade and customize as your organization grows. Begin with a single Basic Gateway with a Basic Deployment, and grow the system as you progress, increasing the utilization and capability of the system. 

Key Features:

  • Instant Access to Data - Access the system to instantly get information on a PC, phone or tablet from anywhere
  • Upgradeable and Customizable - Add and remove modules or increase and decrease Clients to quickly customize
  • Secure and Protected - put the system on your secure nework and control access, or use DCS's secure Cloud 
  • One Location or Many - start with one site and expand, or begin by linking your entire enterprise






Clients Let You Scale Your System and Control Access

Start with as many clients as you need, add more when you expand the system

Three different Clients give managers the ability to quickly scale the system. Using different Clients based on user need, companies can communicate their production quality effectively across the entire organization, while still having control over specific user's access to the system. This lets each user quickly access their data without having to navigate through all of your organization's information. 


  • Add or Remove Clients to quickly scale the system
  • Each user gets their own Named User Client, allowing IT to set user access levels and control access to information
  • Clients streamline the system's use, allowing each user to get their own data quickly and efficiently

Create Enterprise Wide Quality Collaboration

Use the Cloud for Fast Deployment

Add or Remove Clients and Modules to Scale Your System

The QDM Gateway Module forms the backbone of a QDM System. Adding Clients gives you the ability to control access and scale the system based on your current user count. Learn more by downloading the brochure, or contact DCS to get a free demonstration by a DCS Expert.

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