Monitor Your Quality in Real-Time --- Standardize Your Inspection Data and Create Instant Reports and Dashboards 


QDM WEB connects plants and suppliers to your central server, either on site or in the cloud, and delivers actionable information for quality decision making. 

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No Real-Time Visibility | Lack of Quality Automation ?

Data collection points throughout the plant can be automated to pull from machines and validate then store in a central database. That information can then be tapped to populate dashboards, reports and generate alerts.


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No Plant Floor Monitoring | Lack of SPC Real-Time Metrics ?

Satellite Station monitors can be set up throughout the plant with each station showing one or multiple graphical SPC reports. These satellite station interfaces are dynamic and interactive where a user can click on and drill down to any areas of concern to analyze the underlying data. Satellite Stations are helpful for providing visual and audio alerts on the plant floor when parts begin to trend out of spec. 

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No Automated Alerts | Stakeholders Know Too Late ?

The system can be customized for each machined part with pass/fail criteria for individual critical dimensions that will in turn be used for generating automatic alerts as parts are measured. The alerts can be sent to users who have subscribed to the corresponding part data. These alerts take the form of audio alerts in the plant, visual alerts on the screen as well as emailed and text message alerts as defined by the user.

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Confusing Reports | Tool Long to Create Reports ?

Graphical reports provide instant context to users, providing important time savings for decision making and action.  These reports are made from templates populated by shop floor data and published to the user community. The templates can be set up with powerful configurable SPC charts, and individually configured based on the part and process requirements.

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No Bird's Eye View of Quality | Difficult Root Cause Analysis ?

The system provides a web based, anywhere access, to see the entire plant layout with color coded status of each machine and station. These dashboards are interactive which allows the user to drill down on any displayed status and get further information or generate custom reports.

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No Machine Monitoring | Data Inconsistencies ?

QDM Systems monitor process parameters to guarantee timely data collection is maintained. Each station and process is custom configured based on the preset data collection timetable. This provides a robust process monitoring interface by providing adequate alerts and reminders to the corresponding users to ensure data integrity.

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As a maturation engineer, I used [QDM] to review data for assembly level and used it mature our quality, looking at trend charts, looking at performance over time. So predominantly using run charts and exporting the data into other types of software, such as Minitab. The greatest advantage of using the QDM software is that it is all in one place, whether it is single panel data, assembly level data, supplier data, I just have to go into the one web software and its all there at my finger tips in a couple of clicks.

Jon Tongue, Maturation Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover

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