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About Dimensional Control Systems

With more than 20 years of providing quality SPC and tolerance analysis solutions to manufacturers, DCS has been influential in helping manufacturers reduce their Cost of Quality

Delivering Leading Quality Technology Since 1994

Beginning in 1994, DCS has been developing dimensional engineering and quality tools for manufacturers. With its start as an Engineering Service Provider, DCS has helped companies execute dimensional engineering to improve quality and reduce costs. 



DCS was established by Robert Kaphengst and John Mathieson to support the need for a disciplined approach to GD&T deployment. This approach would come to be known as the Dimensional Engineering Process. The first DCS customers were automotive OEM’s and suppliers needing to apply this discipline to their engineering organizations.

3DCS Creation


Release of version 1.0 of 3DCS 3-D CAD based Variation Analysis Software.  Initially used to support its contracted dimensional engineering services work, 3DCS soon became commercialized and available to the general industry marketplace.

QDM Creation (GDM)


Originally called GDM, 1999 marked the release of version 1.0 of QDM Inspection Reporting software.

Dassault Systemes' Gold Partner


DCS enters into PLM provider Dassault Systemes CAA partner program. This leads to the development and commercial availability of 3DCS CAA V5 CATIA integrated variation analysis.

CAD Integration Partners

2015 - 2018

3DCS becomes integrated into multiple CAD systems through agreements with PTC (CREO), SIEMENS (NX), DASSAULT SYSTEMES (SOLIDWORKS), in addition to existing integrations in 3DEXPERIENCE and CATIA V5. 

Sandvik Acquires DCS

December 2021

Sandvik acquired US-based Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) – a leading global provider of dimensional quality management software and on-site engineering services. DCS’s offering will complement and enhance Sandvik’s existing portfolio within metrology. The company will be included in the Industrial Metrology division, within the business area Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions. Click to learn more

DCS Announces Mike Ulicny as CEO

November 2022

Ulicny has been with DCS since its inception in 1994. Having worked with John Mathieson for 32 years, Ulicny’s background and over 30 years of experience in the dimensional engineering field have prepared him to take on this new role. As the future brings Sandvik and DCS together, Ulicny will be core to strengthening this connection and helping see the metrology division’s vision of a combined solution come to fruition.

About DCS - DCS Mission and Solutions

Dimensional Control Systems performs with a simple mission in mind:

To change the way businesses execute Quality Assurance by combining engineering methods with software technology and excellent customer service.

Dimensional Control Systems Inc. (DCS) based in Troy, Michigan, USA is focused on the methodology of Dimensional Engineering. DCS offers best-in-class software solutions and services to manufacturing companies the world over. With over 50 years of Dimensional Engineering background, DCS continuously strives to exceed our customer's expectations for world-class Variation Analysis and Quality Management System (QMS) software and services.  

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Users Worldwide




3D Tolerance Analysis

DCS develops the leading tolerance analysis software, 3DCS Variation Analyst, used across the world to reduce scrap, rework, and warranty issues. As a CAD integrated tolerance simulation, 3DCS is available in CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS, CREO, NX, 3DEXPERIENCE, and as a standalone tool.

SPC Quality Systems

Automating quality processes and reporting, QDM is an affordable SPC System designed for complete customization to a clients quality processes. This gives company wide manufacturing visibility, allowing you to find and respond to manufacturing problems before they occur. 

Engineering Services

DCS offers its clients a variety of services to support their dimensional and quality initiatives. This includes modeling services, training, process consulting, and GD&T services. 

Consulting Solutions

With a dedicated team to providing qualified experts to support leading manufacturers, DCS prides itself on helping companies add new engineers to their teams quickly to temporarily increase their staff to handle large workloads and projects. 

DCS exists today because we are passionate about the technology of Dimensional Engineering. As a company our mission at DCS, since the very beginning, has been to establish a work process and system of software tools to help engineers evaluate and ultimately select cost effective designs and processes that will in fact meet their quality needs. Dimensional Engineering is, after all, the process of using dimensional quality goals to drive design process decisions.

John Mathieson, Former President and Founder of Dimensional Control Systems, Inc.


Success Stories

As CAD technology continues to advance to include greater levels of analysis, our open API strategy allows us to support the incorporation of tools like 3DCS software to keep up with the growing demands of customers. The partnership between Siemens and DCS will allow an integrated environment, giving NX users access to advanced analysis as part of the CAD environment.

Bob Haubrock,

Vice President, Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software

In a typical section of an A320 Family Aircraft, roughly 90 stringer couplings are installed. Around 2/3 can be covered with the parametric model (this equals 60...couplings.

In the A319, A320 there are 4 section joints, while the A321 has 6. One parametrical model can then cover 180 assembly situations. 

Axel Siewert,


Successful tolerance analysis product execution played a major role in our achievement of high quality across our product vehicle line. The Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac CTS were all named Car/Truck of the Year winners.

General Motors

By being able to do very comprehensive modeling, the other advantages we’ve seen is we’ve discovered sensitivities in areas we wouldn’t have expected you know well outside our region of interest that had influence, it’s also served as a quality check for our drafting process as well as allowing us to incorporate feedback from the manufacturing floor.  

Avery M.

Design Engineer

Advantages during the pre-production phase are root cause analysis - only recently we've actually really started using the software to root cause the problems. We've found that looking at the contributor lists, for example, really help us get to the root cause of the problems and propose solutions. 

Laurence Allmark,

Senior New Product Quality Engineer, McLaren Automotive

The 3DCS technology brought our commitment to product quality and safety by design to an even higher level. The tool not only can quantify our technical decisions but truly helps our IPD teams to numerically and visually discuss spatial dimensional variations and its management early in the design phase.

Daniel C. da Silva,

Embraer Tolerance Analysis Team Leader, Embraer

Meet the Team

Meet some of the many people at DCS working every day to deliver you the best possible experience.


Michael Ulicny

CEO and President

Ulicny has been with DCS since its inception in 1994. Having worked with John Mathieson for 32 years, Ulicny’s background and over 30 years of experience in the dimensional engineering field have prepared him for this role.

36    146

Dave Johnson

Director of 3DCS Solutions

Leading the 3DCS product team, Dave Johnson is instrumental in the development and application of 3DCS software. 

27 -2    110

Thagu Vivek

Director of Quality Data Management (QDM) Solutions

As a Six Sigma Black Belt, Thagu Vivek guides the QDM development and deployment teams in SPC System application and installations. 

29    115

Jason Brehmer

Customer Support Specialist

Jason Brehmer is the first line of support at DCS, providing answers to clients modeling and support questions on Helpdesk, Livechat, as well as email and phone. 

7  26

Gary Bell

Sr. Dimensional Analyst

As an ASME Certified GD&T Trainer, Gary Bell is the primary demonstration engineer at DCS, providing modeling examples, support, and services for new clients. 

Spencer Strouse

Spencer Strouse

Director of Engineering

As the leading member of the service and training team at DCS, Spencer Strouse is paramount to delivering completed variation models, GD&T support, and training classes to DCS clients. 

37    149

Donald Jasurda

Director of Sales

Donald Jasurda provides vision and guidance to the sales and marketing team at DCS. As the manager of the sales team at DCS, Jasurda assists a multitude of clients in achieving their quality objectives through tolerance analysis and SPC solutions. 

14    171

Benjamin Reese

Marketing Manager

Managing the marketing at DCS, Benjamin Reese develops DCS's customer-facing messaging and digital presence; from website to events. 


28   105

John Sienkowski

Channel Partner Manager

John Sienkowski manages the extensive partner network used by DCS to resell software solutions across the globe. By utilizing this channel, Sienkowski has been paramount to DCS' global presence. 

38   155

Chris Peuterbaugh

Sales Executive - DCS Software Solutions

With over 8 years at DCS and multiple years in the industry, Chris Peuterbaugh brings with him experience in metrology and design, combining both to provide unique solutions to customers. 


Michael Pritchard

Sr. Sales Executive - DCS Software Solutions

Michael Pritchard helps provide tolerance analysis and SPC software solutions to manufacturers ranging from the smaller suppliers to large, multi-national OEM's. 

35    140

Steve Bannasch

Sales Executive - DCS Software Solutions

With a diverse background in dimensional engineering, program management, and manufacturing, Steve Bannasch brings a unique combination of technical expertise, leadership skills, and knowledge of quality standards to the table. This deep background allows Steve to provide real insight to customers and powerful solutions to manufacturing issues. 

33    134

Sathya Indragopal

Channel Partner Manager

With experience working across the world, Sathya Indragopal offers both his expertise and cultural knowledge to support DCS resellers in the APAC region. 

39    159

Amy Flattery

New Business Executive

With more than 10 years of experience in business development, Amy Flattery support the sales efforts at DCS by connecting with new companies and professionals to educate on DCS solutions. 

42    322

Marco Villegas

IT Administrator

Providing licensing, installation, and operation support to customers, Marco Villegas leverages his many years of IT experience in supporting customers software and hardware needs. 

11   38

Angela Rotter

Director of Operations/HR

With experience in recruiting, operations, management, and human resources, Angela Rotter brings together an array of skills to support the transition of DCS into a Sandvik company, while helping the day to day operations continue. 

9   31

Jake Sloan

Senior Recruiter

Experienced human resources representative with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing transportation and engineering industries. 

Skilled in customer service, sales, communication, leadership, and interviewing. HR professional that graduated from Macomb Community College and continuing education at Northwood University. 


12   42

Carrie Zink

HR Generalist

Helping employees at DCS onboard and wade through the paperwork associated with new and continuing employment, Carrie Zink has been a helping member of the team at DCS since the beginning. 


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