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Custom Alerts for QDM SPC Platform

Problems Identified Too Late?

Real-time alerts allow proactive correction of errors before they can affect the wider production. 

QDM  can generate and send email and text message alerts for various background events and triggers without user interaction. These are all set by the user or the administrator with specified triggers. This lets each user configure triggers and alerts based on processes key to their responsibilities. 

Some Example Alert Criteria: 

  • Quality Metric Threshold Overage - Set the specific metric and threshold
  • System Error Limit Alert - System errors 
  • Data Pull Failure Alert - data wasn't uploaded when expected 

When the triggers activate, all users who have added the data set to their watch list will be notified. The system monitors all system functions, letting triggers be set to a variety of different system functions and whether to receive text or email alerts. 

Email Alerts


Send out emails based on given criteria. Have reports attached to give everyone involved the information to act immediately, making decisions fast when they matter most. 

Mobile Alerts

qdm-for-mobile-redactedInclude SMS and mobile alerts to catch everyone away from the desk. Get everyone up to speed right away when something goes awry, instead of surprising them when they arrive at the plant. 

Find the Problem

Copy of Set_Dates_Reports - Copy

Log into the QDM SPC Platform and instantly drill down to find the source of the problems and instantly create custom reports to get an understanding of the scope of the issue and its history.