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Articles and Brochures for DCS Software

DCS Brochures - dimensional analysis and spc systems

Looking for information on DCS software? Look no further. Below you will find brochures listing the features and application of DCS Software as well as helpful articles explaining applications and customer stories. 



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3DCS Brochures

3DCS Variation Analyst Brochures - Standalone (Multi-CAD) and Integrated Versions

3DCS for CATIA V5 | 3DCS for NX | 3DCS for CATIA V6 3DEXPERIENCE | 3DCS Multi-CAD | 3DCS for Creo 3DCS for SOLIDWORKS

3DCS Scalable Solution 

3DCS Mechanical Variation Modeler MVM

3DCS Mechanical Variation Modeler

3DCS Design Variation Modeler DVM

3DCS Design Variation Modeler


3DCS Add-on Modules

3DCS Mechanical Modeler | 3DCS Advanced Analyzer | 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler

QDM SPC Brochures (Core Modules)



Articles, Whitepapers, and How-To Articles


DCS Whitepapers can now be found in the Whitepaper Library by Clicking HERE


  1. Perceived Quality - How to Improve Consumer Perceptions with CATIA & 3DCS
  2. Maximize the Use of Measurement Data through a Closed-Loop Dimensional Engineering Process
  3. GD&T - Current and Future Predictions by Bob Kaphengst
  4. Manufacturing Today - Two Way Street - Quality Intelligence Provides Enterprise Communication
  5. Manufacturing Today - Digital Twins - The Power of Creating Digital Twins for Production
  6. Manufacturing Today - A New Dimension - GD&T Gives Manufacturers an Edge
  7. Closed-Loop Manufacturing at Jaguar Land Rover Featured in Smart Industry
  8. Realizing the Value of GD&T in Model-Based Definition (MBD) as featured in Quality Digest Magazine
  9. Quality Magazine - Closed-Loop Manufacturing: CAD Driven Supplier Quality

Tips & Tactics CAD How-To Articles

  1. CATIA V5 - Insert Component
  2. Feature-based and Point-based Variation Modeling
  3. 3DCS CATIA V5, Cache Mode, and You - How to Use CATIA Cache Mode with Large Models
  4. Convert CATIA V5 Models to CATIA V6 3DEXPERIENCE
  5. Create CREO PMI and Annotations 
  6. CATIA V5 Tree Modification Tips
  7. Color Mapping - How to Use 3DCS Color Contour to See Your Variation
  8. How to Use Alias Display for Easy Model Labeling
  9. Datum Shift Simulators - Account for Datum Shift
  10. 3DCS and QDM Wizards - Use Wizards to Make Modeling Easier
  11. Closed Loop - How to Use Measurement Data in 3DCS Analysis
  12. CATIA V5 Enhanced Scenes - Check Your Work or Resume Modeling Quickly
  13. CATIA V5 Symmetry and 3DCS Mirror - Quickly duplicate points on similar components
  14. How Many Simulations Should You Run in 3DCS? 
  15. Modifying and Creating GD&T and FTA in CATIA V5
  16. CATIA V5 Sectioning Tool - Visual Check on Large Models
  17. CATIA V5 - Use Publications to Save Time
  18. CATIA CADUA - Quickly Fix and Relink Models
  19. 4 Tips to Working with Large Models in CATIA V5

DE Focus Engineering Articles - See all of them on the Community

Case Studies

  1. ITER Case Study - Energy
  2. PACCAR Case Study - Automotive
  3. Airbus - Aerospace
  4. Embraer - Aerospace
  5. Jaguar Land Rover - Automotive
  6. Mahindra & Mahindra - Automotive
  7. Philips Medical - Medical Device
  8. LG - High-Tech Electronics


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