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View 3DCS Model Input & Output

Utilize Model Based Engineering practices to provide real insight through your organization with 3DCS Viewer, allowing other teams to directly view 3DCS model information instead of only drawings and reports. 

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3DCS Viewer

View 3DCS model inputs and outputs, leveraging Model-Based Definition across your organization

What is 3DCS Viewer?

3DCS Viewer is a streamlined version of 3DCS that enables users to open and interrogate  3DCS models without changing or altering them. This provides the ability to give 3DCS model access to a larger group in your organization, promoting Model-Based Engineering and democratization.

  1. Enable DVA (Dimensional Variation Analysis) inputs and outputs to be reviewed by people "outside" of the 3DCS Modeling team (within the Cad system).
  2. Improve Collaboration between the 3DCS Modeling team and all other teams that have a role and stake in assuring dimensional quality requirements are being achieved.
  3. Democratization (accessible to everyone) of dimensional simulation to more engineers in the dimensional quality value chain.  Model-Based Systems Engineering!

3DCS Viewer Benefits

  • Opens any 3DCS model (CM, MM with addon license)
  • Animates & Deviates
  • Review contents of Measures & Tolerances 
  • Load Analysis Results and Show \ Min Max
  • Optionally Runs AAO \ GeoFactor Analyzer
  • Supports in all 3DCS Platforms

Utilize Leading PLM and 3DCS

Use 3DCS Viewer with models in any leading PLM System

3DCS Viewer PLM Integrations


Integrated into Leading CAD Platforms

3DCS Viewer creates a streamlined approach to opening and viewing models in CAD. Utilize 3DCS Viewer integrated into:

  • CATIA V5: R21 and up

  • 3DEXPERIENCE (V6): 13 and up

  • NX: 9-12 & Continuous Release

  • Creo: 3-7

  • MultiCad: 64bit

  • SolidWorks: 2016-2020



Expand Tolerance Analysis across your organization with the DCS Scalable Solution, leveraging Model-Based Definition to drive quality downstream. 

Successful tolerance analysis product execution played a major role in our achievement of high quality across our product vehicle line. The Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac CTS were all named Car/Truck of the Year winners.

General Motors

Product Video Overview

Integrated in CATIA V5-6 and 3DEXPERIENCE
Integrated in SOLIDWORKS
Integrated in Siemens NX
Integrated in PTC CREO
Use Native Inventor Models in Standalone

3DCS Viewer Key Features

How does 3DCS Viewer help you leverage MBD for reducing manufacturing costs?

Use Existing PLM 

Store, read, and view 3DCS models using your existing PLM structure to improve and control access - giving key stakeholders the ability to view models in detail while protecting your data. 

3DCS Viewer - Integrated with PLM

Review Part Locating Method and GD&T

Interrogate the 3DCS model directly to review information that is often confusing or unclear on drawings like Part Locating Methods, Datum Features and Locators, and GD&T Specifications. 

View Part locating and GD&T

Review Results of Analysis

Pull up any analysis, from any 3DCS tool, and review where the measurements are and what the variation is for each measure.  

View 3DCS Results from Analysis

Take Advantage of AAO for Design of Experiments

Use the AAO - 3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on module within the 3DCS VIEWER to look at all inputs and outputs in a table view and make alterations to tolerances in a test lab environment. Then immediately seeing the effects of those changes in the measurement results.  

Take Advantage of AAO Add-on

View Deviation in Real-Time

Review the assembly and tolerancing methods, and view the product deviation in real-time. Set conditions to see how they impact the product, and make decisions using data. 

See Assembly Process and Part Deviation

Incorporate 3DCS Viewer into Your 3DCS Scalable Solution 

DVM - Analysis Results
3DCS Design Variation Modeler
Fast, Easy Tolerance Stack Simulations
3DCS MVM - Mechanical Suspension
3DCS Mechanical Variation Modeler
Leverage Joints & Constraints to Build Models
3DCS VA - Truck Fender FEA Analysis
3DCS Variation Analyst
Complete Toolset
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