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The DCS Community is where you can find helpful tips about using 3DCS and QDM, as well as post questions and read answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, you will find recordings of DCS Webinars and access to article archives. The DCS Community replaced the DCS Gateway as a source of information and site for customer and DCS support collaboration. Click below to see for yourself!


Click here to Visit the DCS Community at http://community.3dcs.com/

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Looking to download software?

Click Here to visit DCS' FTP site

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DCS' FTP site is where you can download the latest version of 3DCS and QDM, as well as upload and share files with DCS' Support Staff. If you do not have a username yet, click on register and fill in the information to request access. You will receive a new account notice within 24 hours that will notify you of your username and accessibility. 

Because DCS houses its software and uses FileShare to send and receive customer files, the security is much higher than the DCS Community. Please be patient after registering for FileShare as the account must be activated by a DCS employee. If you have an emergency or need activation immediately, please email DCS at: sales@3dcs.com




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