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We offer clients the opportunity to strengthen their skills and extend their knowledge in several fields. As a client of 3DCS, you’ll hear from experts in Engineering Statistics, ASME Certified Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), and 3DCS software solutions—the same training that makes our employees the best in the industry.

Our courses will fully prepare your employees to meet the challenges of Dimensional Management. Each offers real-world examples to make the material interesting, informative and applicable to your own software environment, including:

  • Variation Analysis
  • GD&T
  • Advanced GD&T
  • Dimensional and Variation Control
  • Customized Courses (available upon request)



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Course Descriptions


Our comprehensive Variation Analysis Courses focus on Dimensional Control Systems software solutions, and cover the fundamentals of tolerance analysis and data management. They’re designed to introduce users to the techniques and functions of each software solution.

3D Variation Analysis using 3DCS Variation Analyst Software Solutions - 40 Hours

The emphasis of this course is on 3-D variation analysis principles and techniques; and takes a hands on approach to learning, and illustrating, all of the concepts involved in variation analysis. Approximately 20 hours of software operation and 20 hours of real life software application on participants’ products. 

  • Emphases on 3-D variation analysis principles and techniques
  • Hands-on approach to learning and illustrating all of the concepts involved in variation analysis
  • 20-hours of software operation and 20-hours of real life software application on participants product

QDM-3D Quality Data Management Software Solution - 8 Hours

By the end of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate the import functionality for retrieving CAD and data files; create QDM measurement templates; and learn techniques for populating quality templates for creating custom and automated reports. 

  • Demonstrate the import functionality for retrieving CAD and data Files
  • Create QDM measurement templates
  • Techniques for populating QDM templates




Working on 2D drawings and designs? This 20-Hour course is a comprehensive GD&T course focused on review of the ASME-Y14.5M-1994 standard. It can help develop and strengthen your skills for dimensioning and tolerancing, as well as improve your current designs by letting you go through them with an ASME certified expert. 


  • Introduce the concepts and some of the language of the Y14.5 standard
  • Further participants understanding of each Y14.5M standard's symbols
  • Develop participants understanding of Datum Reference Frames
  • Material Condition Modifiers, Regardless of Feature Size and Least Material Condition
  • Reasons for Attending: This course is a thorough introduction of the ANSI Y14.5 standards aimed at developing the participants understanding and application of the symbols and standards.


Program Outline, Covered Subject Matter:

  • ANSI Y14.5 standards Linear tolerancing versus GD&T
  • GD&T symbolism/ definitions
  • Datum Reference Frames - definition and proper selection
  • Maximum Material Condition "Bonus" Tolerance - definition and how to take advantage




As a continuation of the previous GD&T course, this 20-Hour course is focused on practical applications of GD&T for real world experience. 

  • Develop participants knowledge of proper Datum Feature selection and specification
  • Enhance participants understanding each of the ANSI/ASME Y14.5M controls and rules
  • Evolve participants ability to calculate functional tolerances
  • for Attending: This program focuses on the application and development of Geometric
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing in your application, on your drawings.

Program Outline, Covered subject matter:

  • Brief introduction and review of Basic GD&T
  • Review of the more complex controls - composite position, projected tolerance zone, etc.
  • Datum Reference Frames - proper selection and application
  • Calculation of tolerances for maximum cost effectiveness
  • Functional gauge design

Prerequisites: Basic GD&T, or equivalent experience.




This 20-Hour course is a comprehensive course focused on Dimensional Control Systems 8-step Dimensional Engineering Process. This course has been designed to provide a basic understanding of Dimensional Control as a science, and how it may be applied in both engineering and manufacturing environments to enhance quality and productivity.

Course Objectives:

  • Convey the theory behind the Dimensional Engineering Process combined with practical applications for each component of the process

  • Acquire the ability to define and recommend strategies based on pertinent design parameters


Reasons for Attending: 

It is the intention of this course to demonstrate that Dimensional Control Procedures, when carefully adapted to an engineering environment, will result in improved quality, cost savings and timing. In addition, it teaches the foundation of Dimensional Management, the tools available within the Dimensional Management field and problem solving relating to Dimensional Management. 

Program Outline, Covered subject matter:

  • Dimensional Management as a Complete Science
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Variation and its sources
  • Data
  • Problem Solving 

Prerequisites: Knowledge and understanding of GD&T and design/manufacturing principles.



Classes are available on demand at customer location or at DCS's Headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA.

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