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July 28th 11 am EST

3DCS Variation Analyst for NX - Mechanical Modeler and Degree of Freedom Counter

The second part of the 3DCS for NX series, this webinar focuses on the add-on module Mechanical Modeler and the Degree of Freedom (DoF) Counter.

Presented by Brenda Quinlan, DCS Senior Variation Analyst, this webinar will showcase how 3DCS Mechanical Modeler functions integrated in NX by showing a multi-linked model. In addition, Brenda Quinlan will showcase the DoF Counter to determine the number of Degrees of Freedom on an existing model and as part of building a new model.

3DCS Mechanical Modeler is an add-on module available for all versions of 3DCS. Mechanical Modeler brings kinematic moves and linked moves to 3DCS. This compounds the effects of moves on connected components, allowing the accurate modeling of linkages, connected parts and complex kinematic assemblies.

Key take aways:
1. How Mechanical Modeler works integrated in NX
2. Modeling connected linages
3. How to use and the benefits of the Degree of Freedom (DoF) Counter

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3DCS Open Training 3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5 Based (Integrated in CATIA V5)

Dates: TBA

Location: DCS Headquarters, 5750 New King Dr, Ste 330

Time: Tuesday through Thursday, 8 am EST to 4 pm EST, with additional training available Friday

Details: If you require overnight accommodations, the Candlewood Suites in Troy, MI, which are just down the street from the DCS Office. You can setup overnight accommodations by Clicking Here

                   Special half day training available on Friday, "Introduction 3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer (3DCS AAO)"

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Cost: $1500 per attendee 

This class is the perfect opportunity to get started with 3DCS or freshen up your skills. As an introductory class, it will cover the basics of creating and modeling in 3DCS, starting from the beginning and walking through a variety of helpful skills such as applying moves, tolerances and measures to a model. 

As the attendees for each class vary, the speed and information of the class may vary. The instructor is available to answer special cases and questions, and sets the pace according to the learning curve of the attendees. 

Contact DCS to schedule your training class or sign up for an upcoming group


Find out about DCS's other training opportunities by visiting the Training page:  http://www.3dcs.com/training.html

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