QDM Quality Data Management

QDM Quality Data Management

Automating Your SPC Quality Processes 

(Previously known as the GDM System)


QDM Solves Quality Problems


Are you dealing with any of these issues?


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Creating a QDM System QDM System - Custom SPC

Every company's processes and needs are unique. QDM uses a modular design to make it easily tailored to fit into your company's current systems and processes. This way, QDM can be applied to a single site and location, or across an entire global enterprise.



A QDM System can connect an entire organization



What components are commonly used in a QDM System?


Central Data System and Dashboards 


Template Creator


Data Analyzer







QDM as a Quality Management Solution



Manage your quality data, quality documents (SPC Reports, FAIR, PPAP, AS9102) and utilize QDM's Quality Intelligence to mine your data for the information each user specifically needs, all from within a single system.


QDM systems reduce warranty claims in your manufacturing and production with increased trace-ability in your quality process. It delivers quality data dashboards, customized from high level overviews to products on the shop floor. It is always with you, whether on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or company computer. From any of these devices, you can root cause down to a specific part, place and person within your manufacturing process in seconds. 



Benefits of QDM SPC 

  • Automation of quality data processing

  • Real time quality metrics (ppk, pk, cpk, cp, yield...)

  • Centralization of quality data

  • Configurable dashboards 

  • Automatic status alerts to pc and mobile

  • Template based report authoring (First Article Inspection Reports, PPAP)

  • Web-based accessibility on PC’s, smartphones and tablets





Utilize SPC Reports with your Quality Data Collection Systems

Connect all of your measurement and data collection systems to QDM such as:

  • CMM (All types of Coordinate Measuring Machines)
  • Vision Systems (Cognitens, etc...)
  • Inline Inspection Systems (Perceptron, LMI, etc...)
  • Measurement Arms (FARO, Romer, etc...)
  • Attribute Gages (Hardness, Roundness and Form Testers, etc...)
  • Shop Floor Measurement Devices (Pressure, Paint Thickness, Torque, Strength, etc...)
  • Handheld (Datamyte, LMI, etc... )
  • Virtually All Other Types of Metrology Devices


Download a quick report to see for yourself!

Track Quality Documents

Keep track of your quality documents within a single system by linking to corresponding measurement data:

  • Cp
  • Cpk
  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 9001
  • PPAP
  • FAIR
  • ISO 13485
  • AS9102


View the webinar recording below to learn how

InspectionXpert and QDM make quality report creation fast and easy 


Many Companies Have Already Taken Advantage of QDM

Some of the companies taking advantage of QDM's cost savings capabilities include:


Jaguar Land Rover




Is your company next?  


“This...order is the first stage in a series of new technology initiatives that are building towards a fully integrated quality future within the Catia V6 environment,”

-  Vince Blake, JLR DM Manager


Component Breakdown of a QDM System

Each QDM system is uniquely tailored to work with your company's data by combining off the shelf modules with individual company customization. Below are some of the modules commonly incorporated into a QDM system. 



QDM-Web (Central Server Providing Web-Based Interfaces and Dashboards)

QDM-WEB is a web based three dimensional quality data management tool for reporting and analyzing measurement data from any device, facility and location worldwide! QDM-Web allows engineers and managers in quality, product and manufacturing to easily review real-time (up to the minute) QDM-Web reports from the plant floor, the boardroom, or their personal desktop, with a click of the mouse. Reports are generated in seconds, not hours or days.


QDM-3D Analyst (Template Builder)

QDM-3D is a graphical quality and inspection software for reporting, analyzing and maintaining measurement information from virtually any data collection device.


QDM-PDA (Plant Data Analysis - Intensive SPC Analysis)

QDM-PDA is an advanced software solution specifically designed for in-depth analysis of production assembly data. QDM-PDA can be used as an independent solution or in conjunction with the QDM-3D and QDM-Web systems.

Quality Consulting Report

Quality Consulting (Develop a Custom System for Your Environment)

It is vitally important to understand a company's quality processes and data sources before a QDM system can be implemented. DCS's Quality Consulting uses three phases to understand a company's current system, and plan a solution customized to meet the needs of those systems and their users at each level of the company.









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