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Fastest SPC Analysis with QDM 3D Analyst


QDM Analyst is an easy-to-use analysis tool for analyzing your data and creating graphical reports. As a QDM Stand Alone Module, QDM Analyst can be used on its own by loading in data files, or as part of a larger QDM WEB System. 


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Communicate SPC Quality Data Instantly

QDM Analyst instantly converts raw data into usable formats for fast action when you need it most. 

By creating visual reports and outputs, QDM Analyst puts your data into an easy-to-read format for determining key objectives, quality levels, important metrics and solving quality issues. 



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CAD Integrated Forms and Measurement Plans

Use your CAD models to quickly show where the parts are being measured, and display the outputs from those measurements. 

Drag and drop new charts, or change existing ones to instantly modify the information. 

Use CAD integrated versions to create measurement plans based off the CAD model



Create FAIR, Ppap and Quality Reports in Seconds

Automate your quality reporting through QDM's integration with InspectionXpert.

Create company branded and customized report templates, then populate them with custom data sets from QDM to instantly create your quality reports with the information you need, when you need it.



Use Data from Any Measurement Source

It doesn't matter the source, QDM Analyst can utilize any raw data file

Use measurement and inspection data from any measurement device without custom formatting, special translating or any cutting and pasting. 

Combine data sets from a variety of sources and determine correlations, create comparisons and dive deep into your data. 




Generate Quality Metrics

Instantly Generate Ppk, Pp, Cpk and Cp

Generate quality metrics instantly from your measurement data. Find the Cpk, Ppk, Cp, Pp, Mean, Standard Deviation and more with the push of a button. 



Attach to a Plant or Corporate SPC System

Add to a QDM System to author report templates 


By creating report templates in QDM Analyst, you can instantly populate the reports with any chosen data set from a QDM WEB System for custom reports when you need them. 

Connect QDM Analyst to QDM Datagrabber to automate the reporting process, collecting the data as soon as it is available and creating the reports automatically.   


QDM 3D Analyst Delivers SPC Data So You Can Use It Right Away


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Add additional components 

Use the added components to add 

information and context.

One Tool

One common reporting tool for all your measurement devices.



Completely Customizable Outputs

Complete SPC tool-set with customizable chart types, Gage R&R, and measurement plans for prototype, production or historical checking. Easy to use graphical interface with “point and click”, "drag and drop" functionality.


Add to a Larger QDM System

QDM Analys can be scaled up for Plant or Corporate wide system reporting, monitoring and analyses. 





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