QDM Quality Data Management

Use SPC To Improve Manufacturing Quality and Reduce Downtime 

(Formerly GDM-PDA)



Analyze Your Plant Data in Real Time

QDM PDA is a standalone module that can be incorporated into a QDM System. It provides in-depth analysis of production assembly data, allowing users to dive deep into their data to root cause problems and concerns. In this way, companies can maximize the data they collect in ways never thought possible. 

Data collection is a huge investment in equipment and resources. This time and money is invested knowing that the data has an enormous wealth of information in it.

The trouble comes when that data needs to be utilized, and in a timely fashion. Often, it takes so long to properly analyze the data in order to get actionable results that the problem has already been fixed before the analysis is complete. This means that much of the data being collected is simply stored, and not used. With QDM PDA, companies can now take full advantage of all of their collected data, using it to root cause and analyze their product quality, identifying and resolving issues faster and more efficiently. 


SPC System Level Power in One Tool


One Tool

View all your assembly data in one table sorted to show the features that need attention based on the 95th percentile of variation – For focused variation reduction study.


Root Cause Analysis

Identify variation caused by a certain carriage and fixture in the assembly line. Analyze the data variation caused purely by fixture variation – to quickly identify the fixture that needs to be corrected in an assembly line.


Easy to Use Interface

Mouse over to see all the data collection parameters including serial numbers, supplier names, assembly line path and the carriage/fixture used to build the assembly and the corresponding deviation.



Dive Into Your Data to Root Cause Issues




Click trouble areas and sets of data with high variation to instantly see a breakdown by time with all the statistics pre-calculated.

Zoom into sections to spot negative trends and catch issues as they begin to develop.  













Identify Specific Data Sets




Mouse over to see all the data collection parameters

  • serial numbers
  • name of the suppliers
  • assembly line 
  • paths that built the assembly 
  • carriage/fixture used 
  • deviation and variation from nominal














Time Segment Analysis



Focus in on data to exclude outliers and focus on specific segments of time. 















View Sources of Your Assemblies to Root Cause Variation



Quickly identify the source of variation by viewing assembly  paths. 















Carriage or Fixture Variation



Identify variation caused by a certain carriage in the assembly line by highlighting the builds based on the carriage/fixture/pallet 















Determine the Effects from Changing Processes



Quickly view the effect of a process change and how that induced/reduced the variation – or compare supplier A versus Supplier B
















Analyze Correlation Between Features


Study correlation of one feature to related features and analyze correction effects on other features.















Graphical Data Monitoring and Reporting



Summary Statistics with Graphical images /CAD on the assembly line – with links to drill down and investigate data.
















Graphically Compare Sources of Variation


Graphical charts to display path comparisons to see the source of variation on key features – for quick corrections – with links to highlight and compare data from each path individually.















Use Powerful Fixture Variation Studies



Analyze the data variation caused purely by fixture variation – to quickly identify the fixture that need to be corrected in an assembly line.















Principal Component Analysis



Ability to create a cluster of features and perform principal component analysis and generate charts.
















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