3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5

Tolerance Analysis (Also Known As Variation Analysis)

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Do more than just Tolerance Analysis by optimizing processes and design specifications.


Tolerance analysis is more than the study of accumulated variation on manufactured parts. 

As part of an overall dimensional engineering strategy, tolerance analysis has become part of overall variation analysis, not just studying the affect of variation on parts, but also on the assembly process, on tooling and fixtures, on locating and measuring schemes and on overall product quality and appearance. 


This has driven variation analysis into two realms: quick but limited analyses, and in-depth analyses. 




DCS's Tools for Quick Monte Carlo and Dimensional Analysis

Reduce New Product Introduction Time and the Cost of Yield (scrap & rework) by simulating tolerance analysis & manufacturing processes.

3DCS can be used for fast analysis of designs, but where customers find the greatest value and savings, in both time and money, is through an in-depth process of variation analysis, using it to drive their designs early in the product life cycle, rather than as a validation tool after the product has been sent to market.

In this way, companies are finding solutions to fit and function and non-conformance issues before production begins; thus reducing scrap, rework and warranty claims. 

Most companies prefer to begin with a small pilot project, to see the results for themselves. DCS provides these lost costs projects as well as full dimensional engineering support, allowing customers to determine for themselves how much time and energy they can put into dimensional analysis, while being able to leverage DCS's expertise to reduce their total cost of quality. 

Take a look at DCS's tools and solutions, and contact us when you are ready to see for yourself how DCS can save you time and money.



3DCS, DCS's Tool for Variation and Tolerance Analysis

3DCS is used to analyze and optimize designs, processes and associated tooling and fixtures. It is available in a variety of versions, depending on your needs or PLM system. Click below to learn more about the different versions of 3DCS.


3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5 Based

Dimensional Control Systems was the first CAA V5 Gold level partner of Dassualt Systemes to have a fully integrated CATIA V5 solution. Fully integrated with CATIA V5, the 3DCS V5 solution offers CATIA users the most in-depth, easy to use tolerance analysis product on the market. DCS continues to strive and work with Dassualt Systemes to provide the most advanced solutions in the world, including a fully integrated CATIA V6 solution. 


3DCS Variation Analyst Multi-CAD

3DCS Multi-CAD allows users to model the effect of variation on any assembly, determine the "Robustness" of your design, and test Alternative Tolerance Schemes. 3DCS Multi-CAD is a CAD neutral version of 3DCS, working with any 3D CAD software and its native CAD files in order to complete variation analysis. As a true 3D modeling system that visually depicts variation in your design, and statistically simulates manufacturing processes, 3DCS is the perfect tool to reducing costs and increasing quality at the same time. 


3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst

3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst allows manufacturers to thoroughly appraise design, fabrication and assembly robustness of mechanical assemblies. Working with over-constrained assemblies, as well as allowing analysis of a structures full range of motion, 3DCS Mechanical is the perfect tool for analyzing kinematic and moving assemblies. 





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