Which Tolerances Are Most Sensitive to Variation?

3DCS Geofactor Analyzer determines the sensitivity of tolerances to change. This geometric relationship is displayed as a factor, called a GeoFactor, which is a multiplier to the tolerance based on its influence in the overall assembly. 


Tolerance Relationships are Not Always 1 to 1

Determine Whether Your Geometry Amplifies or Mitigates Your Tolerances

GeoFactor Analyzer adds to your analysis results by determing the GeoFactor for each tolerance.  

Key Benefits

  • How does changing a tolerance affect overall variation - If you tighten or loosen a tolerance, how much will actually affect your assembly?
  • How does the geometry of your product affect the influence of your specific tolerances - How does the assembly process and build affect the influence of your tolerances?
  • Mouse with HLM Sensitivity Analysis including Geofactor
  • Geofactor Results
  • AAO - Geofactor Mean Shift Table

As part of the HLM Sensitivity Analysis, GeoFactor improves your overall understanding of the model, giving a value for the sensitivity of each tolerance, whether it is amplified or mitigated by your product geometry.

Geometric Relationship Between Parts

Determine how your components relate 

View the geometric effect of your tolerances. Based off of the geometry, determine how much the geometry amplifies or mitigates your tolerances. 


  • GeoFactor greater than one amplifies a tolerance
  • GeoFactor less than one mitigates a tolerance
  • One part of the HLM Sensitivity results



Use Geofactor Results with AAO

Use the Geofactor Table to see Geometric Factors across your entire model

View all Geofactors in your model in one window. Update your model information and see the effects instantly. 




Determine the Relationship Between Tolerances and Geometry

Find Out How Changing Specific Tolerances Will Affect the Assembly

Identify Tolerances Most Sensitive to Variation

GeoFactor improves your analysis results to help you understand how the geometry of your assembly affects your tolerances. This is important when optimizing tolerances and understanding which tolerances are critical to your quality. Find out how to use GeoFactor to better understand your model's quality.

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