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Our services range from Consulting and Engineering Placement to Full-Scale Dimensional Control Procedure Implementation, and we employ only the best talent to make those services available.


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Engineering and GD&T Consulting

Dimensional Engineering brings issues of assembly and manufacturing to the design stage through Concurrent Engineering practices and Integrated Product Development.


"Lack of proper Requirements Management causes 30% of all project cancellations" - The Standish Group report. 






Optimizing designs while streamlining costs and reducing time to market are just some of the advantages many of our clients have realized by taking advantage of DCS Consulting

Services expertise in: 

  • Variation Simulation Modeling: Three-dimensional tolerance analysis aids in developing robust designs that minimize dimensional variation. When used for defining and managing products functional tolerancing and coordinating their measurement data, 3D tolerance analysis significantly reduces the rework required for engineering drawings, tools and gages.


  • Current production troubleshooting: Identifying specific contributors, either from the product or the process, and rank critical components tolerances contribution & impact on the total cumulative variation, enhancing product quality while lowering costs.


  • The DCS Inclusive Package : By assessing your company's capabilities and performance DCS can make recommendations from simple procedural changes through custom curriculum development. Our consultants will help empower your cross- functional teams to systematically integrate and concurrently apply all necessary processes to produce an effective and efficient product that satisfies all your customer's needs.


On-site & Outsource Support

Whether you demand personnel to establish or update your product's Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing attributes (GD&T), build variation models for predicting the effect of tolerances and assembly sequences on critical characteristics of assemblies or to study the relationship of assembly process, tolerances and assembly to eliminate unnecessary manufacturing costs, DCS can either co-locate our highly qualified Dimensional Engineers, Modelers and GD&T Specialists in a variety of industries world-wide or complete projects from our US based facilities.


Project & Software Support

Committed to providing 100% satisfaction, DCS strives to maintain a friendly and professional working relationship with all our clients, because our future is dependent on the reputation we create with our customers today! All our clients and our engineers have direct access to all levels of DCS management at all times. Our full time Support Staff provides technical assistance either by phone, fax, the world-wide-web or through on-site visitations whenever and wherever necessary!



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