3DCS Variation Analyst Multi-CAD (MC)

Tolerance Analysis for Any CAD Software 


   Predict - the assembly variation 

React - to specific contributors

                 Control - costs and dimensional integrity 



CAD Based Tolerance Analysis 

Perceived Quality: Add High End Visualization to Your 3D CAD


NX? Pro-E? CATIA? Inventor? 

It doesn't matter with 3DCS Multi-CAD. Work with your CAD files without converting them into JT, IGES or STEP, and pull them directly into 3DCS Multi-CAD for tolerance analysis and design optimization. 

Model the assembly process to verify fit and function with manufacturing variation taken into account. Stop non-conformance issues from ever happening by determining trouble areas and key contributors to variation. Test multiple design variants and possible solutions to issues within the same system.

With 3DCS Add-on modules, tolerance analysis is just the beginning. 

Model gravity, force and thermal. Quickly optimize tolerances for importance and cost. Determine mathematical relationships between the variation of your components. Deliver high-end visualization and v-ray tracing to test for Perceived Quality. 

With so many different functions, let DCS help you decide where to begin. DCS's experts can help with GD&T, modeling projects, rendering and high end visualization, tolerance analysis, design robustness and more. DCS customizes each project to a company's specific needs and budget. 



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Tolerance Analysis Example Models


 Automobile in 3DCS  Automobile in 3DCS  Example analysis in 3DCS  Defibrillator in 3DCS  Camera in 3DCS


Benefits of CAD-Based Tolerance Analysis 


Optimize Product Designs and Processes

3DCS variation Analyst Multi-CAD  allows users the ability to evaluate design and assembly concepts up front, where problems can be identified early in the product development lifecycle. 

Reduce Cycle Time and Rework Costs

Shorten development time, accelerate time to market and reduce costs by utilizing the capabilities of 3DCS for digital prototyping. By maximizing part tolerances while controlling dimensional requirements, manufacturing costs can be reduced with less rework to tools and gauges, minimized scrap and reduced warranty defects. 3DCS Variation Analyst Multi-CAD reduces your bottom line and significantly improves product quality by validating that parts fit and function together before design release and throughout production.


 Benefit Summary:

  • Identify Assembly Variation during the design phases rather than in production
  • Reduce tooling and fixture changes resulting in dramatic savings
  • Identify Key Product Characteristics based on a true Virtual Prototype
  • Increase Tolerances of less critical features 
  • Increase Product Quality 
  • Reduce Scrap Rate and Warranty Claims


One Button Dimensional Analysis Report Creation

Ever waste days and weeks just compiling your results into reports?

3DCS lets you create your reports with a single button push.

What used to take days will now take minutes at most. 3DCS automatically compiles images, graphs, charts, tables and data into a linked report available in many different formats.



Tolerance Analysis Report Example



Process Capability Database: Faster Modeling with Manufacturing Data


Faster, more accurate and more consistent modeling using real tolerance process data

Create a database with your historical data or knowledge base and apply it to your models, linking set tolerances on features and points to tolerances set in the database. Link one or multiply tolerances to the same parameters in your database, and update all of your tolerances with the push of a button.

Find out how to speed up your modeling with this short video





Color Mapping: View Variation and Identify Problem Areas


Color Mapping lets the user quickly identify problem areas, and communicate this information visually. As 3DCS is able to model both assembly variation as well as part variation, Color Mapping can be customized to show only the process variation from assembly, letting engineers isolate different kinds of variation on their model.

Click here to learn more with an introductory video on Color Mapping






Spec Study: Create 3D Scenarios with High End Visualization



Perceived Quality Spec Stud

Show variation directly on your virtual prototype!

(Model for demonstration purposes)

Spec Study applies advanced photo realistic rendering along with part and assembly variation, allowing easy identification of tolerance objectives for styling, management, design studio, and engineering to cost effectively establish dimensional specifications that will allow your designs to meet market quality goals. 

  • Test Variants without Physical Prototypes
  • See Tolerances on Photo-Realistic Images
  • Test Final Product Quality in Early in Design

Save views, visual specifications, tolerance schemes and backgrounds in toggle-able studies. 





3DCS Add-On Modules

Add new features to 3DCS with a complete suite of add-on modules. 


3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler

3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler (3DCS CM) 

Account for material and compliant parts with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), simulating deformation resulting from manufacturing operations such as clamping, welding, thermal, gravity and force application.

Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Visualize deformation
  • Supports numerous FEA Pre & Post Processors
  • Accurate analysis of compliant parts
  • Multi-stage variation analysis
  • Target mode for advance design evaluations

 -Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (V5, Multi-CAD, NX, V6)

3DCS Mechanical Modeler


3DCS Mechanical Modeler (3DCS MM) 

Model complex mechanical assemblies, solve over-constrained assemblies, and model more efficiently.

Key Product Features & Benefits
  • Specialized Kinematic Routines - Allow for mechanical systems to be analyzed
  • Library of Joint and Constraint Moves - For complex mechanical assemblies.
  • Unique Kinematic Solver - Solve over constrained assemblies.
  • Automatic Extraction - Pull the assembly process directly from CAD. 

 -Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (V5, Multi-CAD, NX, V6)

3DCS Geofactor


3DCS Geometric Factor Analyzer (3DCS GFA) 

Assess the geometric effect of part interfaces and locating   strategies, assembly sequence, and assembly process during the design phase; where changes are most cost effective. 

Key Product Features & Benefits
  • Geometric Factor or Coefficient of Influence
  • A coefficient to establish the ‘real’ tolerance effect
  • Determines how tolerance is amplified by part geometry

 -Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (V5, Multi-CAD, NX, V6) and 3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst

3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer


3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer (3DCS AAO) 

Two tools together provide the ability to analyze large numbers of measurements and tolerances at the same time, as well as identify the key contributors to variation from across the entire model. Use the Optimizer to set objectives for cost or quality, and have AAO automatically optimize your design to meet your goals. 

3DCS Analyzer

  • Real time analysis of many tolerances and measures
  • Quickly identify key contributors to variation
  • Analysis at any level within the assembly process

3DCS Optimizer

  • Optimize for quality objectives
  • Optimize for cost goals

 -Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (V5, Multi-CAD, NX, V6) and 3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst V5


3DCS Visualization Export  (3DCS VE)

With the push of  a button, quickly and easily export all of your Spec Studies and models into 3DEXCite Deltagen or other visualization tools to add V-Ray and High-End Visualization.  

Key Product Features and Benefits

  • One button export from 3DCS to Deltagen
  • Automatically convert 3DCS materials into Deltagen materials
  • Create interactive flash presentations view-able on any flash capable device
  • Toggle through multiple views and tolerance specifications to see the visual impact

-Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (V5, NX, Multi-CAD)


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