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Customize Your 3DCS Quality Solution

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then consider an add-on solution.


Working with compliant parts or assemblies?

Need to model mechanical or over-constrained assemblies?

Working on streamlining your processes?

Need to know the relationship in part variation of your assembly?

Adding high-end visualization or testing for perceived quality?


Customize Your 3DCS Suite to Solve Your Project's Needs

3DCS Add-on modules add specialized simulation features to your 3DCS Analyst software. 




Finite Element Analysis - 3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler


Rear Fascia Compliant Study3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler (3DCS CM) 

Create FEA (Finite Element Analysis) mesh files from one of many common solvers and apply it to your parts. This in turn takes into account material properties when analyzing with Monte Carlo simulation.

Determine how your components will react to forces from process and environment such as clamping, welding bending, spring back, heat and gravity. 

Visually depict part deformation from forces, and test solutions to reduce resulting variation. Optimize for processes to create the lowest amount of influence on your assembly by determining the best order and location of clamps and bolts. 

Find out how stretching and pulling on material, like the skin of an aircraft, affects the entire surface. 

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Mechanical and Kinematic Assemblies - 3DCS Mechanical Modeler


GD&T on Mechanical Engine Model3DCS Mechanical Modeler (3DCS MM) 

Complex mechanical assemblies require different move routines than sheet metal. With constraints and interconnected components, many mechanical parts move based off the influence of attached components. Because of this, special move routines and joints and constraints are needed to accurately model these kinds of assemblies. 

3DCS Mechanical Modeler adds these additional moves, joints and constraints by adding the Mechanical workbench to your tool. Within this easy to use tool set, users will find not just the options they need to model mechanical assemblies like engines, transmissions, shocks, doors, panels, hydraulics, gears and shifters, but also new moves that can make modeling rigid body models faster and more efficient. 

With a unique solver added through DCS's partner, D-Cubed, 3DCS Mechanical Modeler enables 3D DCM-based dimensions and constraints to be extracted from and/or added to a CAD model. The motion of components in the model can then be kinematically and statistically simulated, with 3D DCM ensuring that the dimensions and constraints are satisfied. At each step in the motion, 3DCS performs its sophisticated tolerance computations, ensuring that the assembly or mechanism performs as expected across a range of configurations and deviations from the nominal model.

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Part to Part Relations - 3DCS GeoFactor 


3DCS Geofactor

3DCS Geometric Factor Analyzer (3DCS GFA) 

Determine the geometric relationship between parts. This gives the user a distinct understanding of how the variation on parts in the assembly affect the rest of the assembly. Using this information, engineers can hone in on the most influential parts and tolerances in a product, working to control those parts' variation as a means of greatly reducing the overall assembly variation. 


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Large Models, Lot of Tolerances - 3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer


3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer (3DCS AAO) 

3DCS AAO is really two tools in one Add-on. The first, the Analyzer, creates a matrix of measures and tolerances, which gives you a view of all of your product's characteristics in one location. This becomes very helpful when working with large models. Instead of looking at all of your tolerances measure by measure, pull them all up in a single matrix, color coded based on influence on your model, and test out new scenarios. Only update your model when you want to, letting you test and experiment in a self-contained space without affecting your model. 

3DCS Analyzer

  • Real time analysis
  • Quickly identify contributors to variation
  • Analysis at any level within the assembly process

The Optimizer lets you choose goals, either cost or quality based, and have the system set optimal tolerances to achieve your goals. Once more, work in AAO's tools does not affect your model until you choose to, letting you optimize, change and update when you decide. 

3DCS Optimizer

  • Optimize for quality 
  • Optimize for cost

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Design and Fit and Finish Requirements - 3DCS Visualization Export


3DCS Deltagen Add-on3DCS Visualization Export Add-on (3DCS VE)

Never before have your models looked this good. 

With the push of a button, export your models into 3DEXCITE Deltagen or other high-end visualization tools and automatically update all of your materials to create high-end visualization models that look like the real thing. These are not just good looking renders of your models, the tolerances and variation from your model carry over and displayed on your high end visualization model. This gives you exceptional insight into the effect of your process and part variation on the appearance of your product before building even a single prototype. 

Using high-end visualization in tandem with variation analysis lets designers test variants and determine key tolerance and quality objectives early in the design phase. This reduces time to market by requiring fewer physical prototypes and clay models, as well as giving the designers the agility to quickly try and discard new ideas, making it a truly innovative technology. 

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