Add Ons DCS

Model Mechanical and Kinematic Assemblies in 3DCS

 Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (Multi-CAD, NX, CATIA V5 and V6)


3DCS Mechanical Modeler adds the DCS Mechanical toolbar to the 3DCS Variation Analyst Suite, making the modeling of mechanical assemblies faster and easier. 

3DCS Mechanical Modeler Add-On (3DCS MM) contains an extensive set of tools and features that provide great flexibility to the engineering analyst allowing both mobile and static models to be analyzed. 



Add to Existing 3DCS Software

Mechanical modeler can be added to any version of 3DCS, making it faster and easier to model mechanical and kinematic assemblies.  









Model complex mechanical assemblies, using specialized kinematic routines to analyze mobile assemblies, all while speeding up your modeling process with automatic extraction of the assembly process.




  • Specialized Kinematic Routines - Allow for mechanical systems to be analyzed.
  • Library of Joint and Constraint Moves - Allow the modeling of complex mechanical assemblies.
  • Unique Kinematic Solver - Solve over constrained assemblies.
  • Automatic Extraction - Pull the assembly process directly from CATIA. 
  • Add to Existing Software - Mechanical modeler can be added to existing 3DCS Software.




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