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 Quickly Understand How Parts and Tooling Relate Mathematically 

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3DCS Geometric Facter Analyzer in 3DCS Variation Analyst Multi-CAD

3DCS Geometric Factor Analyzer (3DCS GFA) is an add-on module to 3DCS used to understand how inter-relating part features and placement of tooling locators impact overall assembly quality. Simply put, a tolerance, regardless of how small, can produce a much greater impact to the overall variation of the assembly

Analyzing tolerances alone does not insure that you will achieve a quality assembly. Fit, finish and functional requirements can be compromised due to the lever arm effects that can be inherent in the design. Poor part locating strategies can compound this variation in the resulting assembly, while dramatically jeopardizing the ability to achieve system requirements.








If you picture a hammer or pry-bar, the longer the arm is the more leverage you get. Conversely, if your assembly is using the short end of the pry-bar and your measurement is at the end of the handle, a small amount of variation results in significant variation at the end of the handle. Identifying and eliminating these conditions in your design is critical to creating a robust assembly.  




3DCS Geometric Factor Analyzer assesses the geometric effect (geofactor) of part interface and locating strategies, assembly sequence, and assembly process during the design phase; where changes are most cost effective.


Key Product Features & Benefits

  • Geometric Factor or Coefficient of Influence
  • A coefficient to establish the ‘real’ tolerance effect
  • Determines how tolerance is amplified by part geometry
  • Focuses on the design integrity not the tolerance
  • Provides numerical value for design validation




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