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Model Compliant and Flexible Parts, Account for Force, Gravity and Thermal

 Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst (Multi-CAD, NX, CATIA V5 and V6)


FEA mesh data can be used to visually display deformation, and analyze compliant parts. 

Compliant vs. Rigid Modeling


Traditional variation analysis methods are considered to be "rigid-body" or "non-compliant" modeling; meaning, that every part within  the assembly does not flex or would not be distorted through an assembly process such as welding, clamping or unclamping of an assembly fixture.

While this might be the case with a few machined components, most commodities and materials like sheet metal, plastics, aluminum, etc. can be heavily influenced through the manufacturing processes (both fabrication and assembly), thus changing the dimensional integrity or shape of the part/assembly. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to determine the stresses and displacements in mechanical objects and systems, and is the basis for this leading edge advancement in predictive analysis.

3DCS FEA Compliant Modeler, an add-on module to the 3DCS software solutions, utilizes FEA methods to accurately simulate variation of compliant parts and assemblies within the 3D Variation Analysis model.





Model new effects like never before! 


Add Compliant Analysis to your 3DCS Tolerance Analysis

Add FEA mesh to any of your parts, and include the compliant effects in your analysis.


Include Multiple Forces

Account for thermal, gravity, force, clamping and spring-back. 


Accurately Model Assembly Processes

Use clamps and welds in your variation modeling to more accurately simulate the assembly process. 




  • Add FEA mesh from any FEA Software

  • Get accurate results, tested against FEA Software

  • Account for compliancy as well as external force

  • Take into account the effects of thermal, gravity, force, clamping, spring-back and more.



Use Cases


 Use Case Aerospace Assembly With Gravity and Force  Automotive Use Case for Optimal Clamping on a Car Hood



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