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Optimize Your Tolerances and Analyze the Relationships Between Your Parts

Available for all versions of 3DCS


The Analyzer allows fast identification of key contributors to the variation of a measurement. 

3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer (3DCS AAO) is an add-on module to 3DCS software solutions comprised of two core functionalities:

  • Analyzer: An equation based analysis output that precisely identifies the amount and source of variation within an assembly.
  • Optimizer: A tool for optimizing tolerances to achieve best quality based on the largest possible tolerances while meeting the defined dimensional objectives    (ie. largest tolerance = least cost) or allocating the largest possible tolerance based on as identified "target cost" (ie. fixed budget).












Quickly and visually analyze tolerances and view their relationships

3DCS Analyzer:

  • Real time analysis
    • Quickly change tolerances and view new results from a global perspective instantly!
  • Quickly identify contributors to variation
    • Sensitivity Index (Coefficients of influence) quickly identifies where design is sensitive to variation.
    • Influence design decision making process before tooling kickoff.
  • Analysis at any level within the assembly process
    • Efficiently drill down through the assembly process to pinpoint the exact source of variation 







Optimize based on cost, design and objectives.

See all of your tolerances and specs in one spreadsheet to easily view and make changes. 

3DCS Optimizer:

  • Optimize for quality
    • Achieve product quality objectives through selective tolerance allocation, minimizing part fabrication and assembly costs.
  • Optimize for cost
    • Assign values based on manufacturing costs, and optimize to meet specified cost goals.











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