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Classes in Variation Control to Strengthen Your Skills

Our courses will fully prepare your employees to meet the challenges of Dimensional Engineering. Each offers real-world examples to make the material interesting, informative and applicable to your own software environment.

We offer clients the opportunity to strengthen their skills and extend their knowledge in several fields. As a client of 3DCS, you’ll hear from experts in Engineering Statistics, ASME Certified Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), and 3DCS software solutions—the same training that makes our employees the best in the industry.

Basic Software Training
  • VA (40 Hours) - 3DCS Variation Analyst
  • VA (24 Hours) - 3DCS Variation Analyst
  • DVM - 3DCS Design Variation Modeler
Add-on Software Training
  • CM - Compliant Modeler FEA
  • MM - Mechanical Modeler
  • AAO - Advanced Analyzers and Optimizers
Additional Software Training or Custom Software Training
  • Mentoring
GD&T Training
  • Basic GD&T (8 Hours)
  • Advanced GD&T (24 Hours)

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3DCS Variation Analyst
Learn more about 3DCS Software
QDM Analyst & WEB
Learn more about QDM Systems & Software

3DCS and QDM Course Descriptions


Our comprehensive Variation Analysis Courses focus on Dimensional Control Systems software solutions, and cover the fundamentals of tolerance analysis and data management. They’re designed to introduce users to the techniques and functions of each software solution.


3DCS Variation Analyst Software Basic Training

- 40 Hours (5 Days)

- 24 Hours (3 Days)

The emphasis of this course is on 3-D variation analysis principles and techniques. It takes a hands-on approach to learning, and illustrating, all of the concepts involved in variation analysis. Approximately 20 hours of software operation and 20 hours of real-life software application on participants’ products. This class is available as both the extended (5-day version) and a shortened (3-day version) that just includes the software operation training.

  • Emphases on 3-D variation analysis principles and techniques
  • Hands-on approach to learning and illustrating all of the concepts involved in variation analysis
  • 20-hours of software operation and 20-hours of real-life software application on participants' product

Available for 3DCS Variation Analyst, or 3DCS Design Variation Modeler


3DCS Add-on Software Training Course

- 16 Hours (2 Days)

3DCS Add-on modules allow for special case and advanced functions in 3DCS. Whether it is using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or kinematics, this course is designed to teach applicable skills to help students apply the module as soon as they return to work. 

  • A guided walkthrough of the modules function, features and application
  • Hands-on examples to teach students the principles of applying the module
  • Use a DCS training model, or bring your own to get expert help on immediately applying the Add-on module. 

Available for:


3DCS Variation Analyst Software Advanced Training

- 24 Hours (3 Days)

The emphasis of this course is on the application of 3DCS solutions to complex problems. Often incorporating a customer's model or product to show modeling techniques specific to the industry, function and assembly, this class is designed to help engineers complete larger models and more accurately model manufacturing processes. 

  • Emphasis on modeling techniques specific to customer's product.
  • Both mentor based training and classroom training combine to advance student's knowledge of dimensional engineering. 
  • Each class is unique - as every assembly and product is different, each class is tailored to the attendees' specific requirements. 




Quality Management courses focus on streamlining measurement data mining and analysis. Using QDM modules, these courses show how to add DCS quality solutions to your existing process to reduce time spent managing inspection data. 

QDM ANALYST Quality Data Management Software Basic Training

- 8 Hours

By the end of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate the import functionality for retrieving CAD and data files; create QDM measurement templates; and learn techniques for populating quality templates for creating custom and automated reports. 

  • Demonstrate the import functionality for retrieving CAD and data Files
  • Create QDM measurement templates
  • Techniques for populating QDM templates


Custom Classes are available on demand at customer location or at DCS's Headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA. Contact DCS for more information

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