Closing the Loop on Quality by Bringing Quality and Manufacturing Together


The Closed Loop Approach




Resolve & Fix Problems Cost Effectively

Resolutions Based on DCS
Quality Intelligence Systems:










QDM-Web Dimensional Database 

Real-Time, Accessible Quality Intelligence

Reports from
Plant Floor to Top Floor in Seconds

Secure On-line Data Accessible Anywhere

Centralized Database for All Data 

-Cost and Time Saver

Design and Predict Strategy

Tolerance Simulation

Dimensional Analysis













QDM - 3D: Measurement Plans
Communicate the Inspection Process






The “closed-loop” approach drives product quality all the way from design engineering to production. 

A closed-loop variation analysis approach enables engineers to correlate the theoretical results produced during simulation to the actual as-built results determined at other stages of the quality process. A comprehensive dimensional engineering process enables fit, finish and function to be analyzed. Multiple solutions can be tried through visual simulation then validated through automated as-built reporting.

Based on correlations, the as-designed simulation parameters can be validated, or the as-designed simulation parameters can be adjusted to more closely align to the production process. 

The approach enables best practices to be validated, captured and reused on future programs, for both engineering simulation and manufacturing. 



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