3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5

Variation Analysis and Tolerance Analysis

Reduce New Product Introduction Time and the Cost of Yield (scrap & rework) by simulating tolerance analysis & manufacturing processes.


The world of design and manufacturing is changing. Challenges to cut costs and deliver products to market faster than the competition has created a demand for consistent and current assembly analysis information. This demand is especially significant early in the design process before so many costs and design characteristics are locked in.

CAD designers and engineers create assembly models based on nominal designs. Designers can add tolerances to the model, however the CAD software does not analyze how the tolerances and the assembly processing and locating schemes affect manufacturing’s ability to create a quality assembly.

Variation Analysis (also known as tolerance analysis) is used to drive the design (both geometry and tolerances) to meet defined quality and cost requirements, while meeting component manufacturer’s capabilities.

Tolerance Analysis offers engineering the opportunity to optimize component tolerances and maximize quality while minimizing costs! The optimal time to complete the variation analysis model is as early in the product's lifecycle as possible such as to make the most impact to the overall design quality. Whether the quality characteristics are for fit, finish, aesthetic properties or functional requirements, Dimensional Control Systems software technologies will improve your assembly quality.



DCS Offers the Tools and Services to Help With Your Variation Analysis


3DCS Analyst Suite

3DCS is used by 80% of OEM's world wide. This CAD based tool that allows users to model the effect of variation on any assembly, determine the "Robustness" of their design, and test Alternative Tolerancing Schemes. 3DCS is a true 3D modeling system that visually depicts variation in your design, and statistically simulates production of your "Virtual Assemblies."

Customizable Features

Customize 3DCS with 3DCS Add-on's to include mechanical and kinematic assemblies, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), high-end visualization and tools to speed up and simplify your analyses. 


DCS Services and Support

DCS can prove the value of its solutions with a pilot project. Let DCS model one of your products and demonstrate the value of tolerance analysis. Add GD&T to your processes, or have DCS's ASME certified experts take a second look at your GD&T and offer some insight into the design. 

Have a large project? Let DCS's team take some of the burden by handling your analysis and modeling needs. 


Close the Loop on Your Quality Processes

Use QDM, an enterprise quality management system provided by DCS, to connect all of your quality processes. Use actual as-built data in your 3DCS model to determine the cause of functional and non-conformance issues, or to further streamline your assembly processes. 





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