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Consultation and Training

Tes-RnD is an expert in organizational consulting, vocational in-service training and integration of the GD&T discipline. Gili Omri is the training and course instructor. Mr. Omri is a development engineer and an expert in GD&T. Mr. Omri has earned ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) certification at its highest level, Senior GDTP Certificate Holder. Gili Omri is also the representative of Israel in the ISO committee that deals with the GD&T standard ( TC-213 specifications and validation).

The training courses focus on functional constraints and the interdependent relationship between design, production and control. The training has proven its effectiveness and has been purchased by large, international companies who operate in Israel.

R&D and Engineering

TES-RnD development begins with an idea (originated by TES-RnD or the customer), which develops through a linear process of design surveys, analyses, production liaison, integration and finally to its actualization as prototype.

TES-Rnd’s design processes use simulations to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of statics, dynamics, (material) fatigue and design optimization. We also provide FEA as a service to external customers.

TES-Rnd is highly experienced in the design and application of advanced materials, such as composite materials and magnesium.

TES-RnD development uses Siemens PLM Software Solutions, one of today’s most advanced CAD/CAM tools, which includes NX for design and drafting, NX Nastran structural FEA and Teamcenter for engineering information management.

TES-RnD servicing tolerance analysis in Israel

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